Builder to Replace Concrete Slab

Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for a builder to replace adjoining water damaged concrete garage roofs and install a new balustrade in Bondi. No tiling is required. Dimensions are 32 sqm. Also, any ideas on what might be a reasonable quote for the job. Thanks in advance.


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    'bout tree fiddy

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      Now 420 due to cozzie livs.

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        Round up to 600 for bondi tax

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        It is Sunday and there is water damage so will need a plumber at Sunday plumber rates.

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          Don't expect them to clean up the mess as well.

          • @Muzeeb: Ha ! I seen how tradies leave their messes at work so when the plumber fixed my units hot water I was the cleaner, fully prepared.

    • They need to leave the job before tooth hurty

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    About $26,000

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    $420.69 sounds nice

    Seriously get multiple quotes and ensure they are qualified/insured etc..

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    I know a bloke who'll do it for a pack of darts and slab of VB.

    • Will he fix my Commodore while he's here?

      • Only if the dish lickers aren't running. He's still backing Dapto Lad.

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    concrete garage roofs and install a new balustrade? What do you mean exactly is it once piece of concrete as a roof? Lots of structural things there some concreters may not wany to touch it. Lots of different types of balustrade also how long.

    Need photos and a bit more information.

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    You say "roofs" - how many? And they're joined together?

    Need a clearer explanation and a picture.

  • Hi, thank you very much to everyone for comments and the informative link. The garages are adjoining topped by one concrete slab. The present concrete slab needs to be demolished and new concrete poured. The double brick walls on which the slab rests are sound. A simple no-frills balustrade at 1 m height and 18m long. I don't know how to upload a pic to this message - drag and drop doesn't appear to work. Cheers

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