[NSW] Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router System (3-Pack) $489 (Was $899) @ Bunnings, Penrith


Not sure other stores, Bunnings shows no stock. Amazon and OW are selling $597.


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    Finally approaching the right price for this product.

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    Needs to be tagged, has been cheaper (ofc). Also reviews of this made me choose other options, currently using the TP Link AXE5400 aka DECO XE75 which would be a comparable offering. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/google-nest-wi-fi-pro

    • For Pro? Geez. That’s an unbelievable bargain

      • My apologies, I didn't notice Pro. I'll remove my comment.

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    Weird. When you search and choose the store, it shows the stock levels. But when you select a specific store it shows as unavailable across the board. Click and collect, in store not delivery.

    Are they trying to stop people from price matching (ie with Officeworks)

    I’m in VIC btw.

    • Same here in QLD. I guess if I go in to the store they might be there.

    • It’s available in most stored

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      I went to the closest Bunnings near me. They don't show stock online but if you call, they can check.
      The 3-pack was selling for $399 and the individual was $99! As I understnad it, and as opposed to the non-pro nest wifi, You can setup any one as the main router and the others just become nodes. Therefore, buying 3 x individual is worth it!

      RRP is $299 for the individual one, so definite bargain!!


      • Can you share your receipt? thanks!

      • So, interestingly I picked up another 2 from another Bunnings. This time it was for $100. I said, hey wait I paid $98 for the other 2 at the other Bunnings and their response was “sorry, we don’t do price matching with different Bunnings stores”! Weird. They match competitors but it’s acceptable for different Bunnings to sell different products at a different price.

        • Can you share a reciept or a clear picture of the deal?
          It shows 189 for the individual here in NSW and 489 for the 3 pk.

          • @Hirens: Same her in VIC. $489 for 3pk and $189 for a single.

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              @realstaplar: Here you go.


              Like I said before though. A bunnings store will not match another store. You’ll need to convince them that it’s clearance and that’s why they should do the same price.

    • Thanks so much for this. I managed to get them to match the price showing on their website ($99) for the individual ones. They had 3 in-stock so it worked out way more affordable than the 3 pack.

  • Here comes Wi-Fi 7

    • higher the number, lower the range? I know they will be increase in speed.

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      By the time it’s actualised and available in consumer hardware at a desirable price wifi 7X or 8 will be out.

      Keep chasing the dragon!

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        And then they’ll skip 9 straight to 10, or should we call it X?

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    These were pretty terribly reviewed so, looks like its coming down to the price it should be.

    • By who? Most of the reviews that I could find were positive.

  • I need only one. I understand each of the 3 are standalone. Reckon it'll be easy to see the 2 surplus ones on gumtree?

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      Surely you could go in a group buy on here with some others

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      Comment (Kermit3169) above says Bunnings have them for $99each if only buying one.

  • Not sure if it's of any help but I recently bought the TP Link Deco M4 mesh system for half that and its absolutely amazing.

    • I have Deco M5, and it's horrible, you keep having to reboot the router every couple of weeks. I plug in the old Netgear router, and it's never miss a beat. Tplink are cheap for a reason.

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        Oh really? That would drive me insane!

        Mine has been flawless. It even scans the environment for conflicts and obstructions during setup.

        Could it be possible yours is faulty?

        • I think it got something to do with ISP issue IP address or one of the TPLink satellite couldn't connect to the router for whatever reason.

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            @kml22: Not sure if it helps but I had a similar issue initially and when I looked into it, all my bases were trying to connect to one base.

            I changed it so they worked in a daisy chain fashion and it eliminated the issue.

      • Yeah, gotta reboot mine every 4-5 days or so as the main node drops connection to the others. Could probably schedule it to restart each morning but haven't bothered with it yet.

        • Why should we have to do this? it's unacceptable, this doesn't happen to other brand.

          • @kml22: Not sure about other brands, but having used computers for a long time, the whole concept of switching things off once in a while isn't that unusual.

            • @Hurg: This doesn't happen with my Deco M5's. Sounds like something isn't working the way it should

  • Any deals on google smart speakers? Need a few more for the house

  • I have an Eero 6+ system and it has been pretty great and painless so far and much cheaper than this

    • Not a fair comparison as 6+ doesn't support 6E wifi protocol.

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        Thats fair enough but Eero 6+ is gigabit compatible, more than enough bandwidth most would need and is a rock solid system

  • Thanks OP! I managed to get a three pack at Bunnings Altona VIC. Mint!

  • I managed to get one for $399 in-store at Bunnings, because the website is showing $399, but said not available in-store or online, if you can show it in-store, they should be able to match it for that price.
    NOTE: When they scanned the item in-store, the system showed it as a deleted item.
    if you can find stock. https://www.bunnings.com.au/google-nest-wi-fi-pro-router-3pk…

    • Where in VIC or NSW?
      Bunnings app shows the stock and less price 99 for 1pk and 399 for 3pk in few places around postcode 3171
      I tried Pricematch with JB HiFi and Officeworks but both were denied as they showed out of stock online on Bunning's website

      • ACT

  • Just picked up 3 individual units for $95 each at Bunnings Eastgardens. They had the 3 pack for $250 but someone has bought both of them just before I got there.

    Sounds like they are clearing stock for a new line, but I’m happy with $285 vs the rack price of ~$600.

    Thanks OP!

    • 3 pack for $250? are you sure? are they Nest Pro? or just the normal Nest?

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        They were labeled on the shelf as nest pro, but the shelf was empty. :) I assume someone pointed out that if they were selling the individual units at $95, it didn’t make sense to price the 3 pack as $400 so they marked it down locally?

        Either way, I reckon getting 3 of the Nest Wifi Pro devices for less than $300 means I pass my OzBargain L plate test.

        (Going for my P’s now, just got JB LiveChat to give me the half off price for the Bose QC 45 SC even though the price was only for the sold out SEs). It’s been a good day of bargaining. :)

        • nice

  • Managed to pick 3 individual units at $99 each for the Pro :) . Pretty happy with that :)

    I did find it interesting that the Pro is only AXE4200 here in Australia but in the US it is AXE5400. A tad strange

    • are you able to share a photo of your receipt so I can ask for price match? Thank you.

      • Kermit 3169 posted a link to his receipt a few posts up. That should work

        • Thanks missed that!

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    I just bought the pro 3 pack for $399 also. As someone else mentioned, they scan at $489, but if you have no store selected on the website, it shows $399. It’s a deleted item now, so they said if I’m just buying 1, they will honour it.

    • are you able to share a photo of your receipt so I can ask for price match? Thank you.

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