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[PS4, PS5] Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition $77.46 @ PlayStation Store


Ultimate Edition includes:
- Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4™ and PS5™)
- Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered (PS5™)

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    While at first glance 38% is a reasonable discount, I can't help but feel that a launch title from 2020 should be discounted more heavily than this.

    Sony are taking the p*ss this generation.

    • They learned from Nintendo.

      • Nintendo's games are reasonably priced. I don't see them over $80, and are more often in the $60-70 range.

    • Yeah, especially considering it was included with PS+

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    I agree.
    Seems like a bit of a rip actually

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    Having said that the physical copy is still up around 90 bucks.
    Essentially its a rip off and the discount is less of a rip off :)

    • I’ll be curious to see if Amazon participate in the mid year and/or days of play sales and reduce the physical edition of this further

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      it's from Canada n CAD.

      • The person you replied to is correct. $50 CAD is AUD55. It is AUD66 shipped from Canada.

        Free shipping over $80 CAD.

    • But it’s not in AUD packaging which personally would annoy me haha

  • Hold

  • Funny quirk about Miles Morales Ultimate Edition that I discovered. I used to subscribe to PS Plus Extra, where you can play the Standard Edition of Miles Morales. However, my son had never played the original PS4 Spider-Man and since you can only get Remastered through the Ultimate Edition of Miles Morales, I paid the $30 gap fee on the PS Store to unlock the Ultimate Edition and Spider-Man: Remastered.

    I've since cancelled my PS Plus subscription, and while Miles Morales remains locked behind a paywall, Spider-Man: Remastered remains accessible in my library.

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