[PS5] Grand Theft Auto V $28 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ In-Store) @ EB Games


It's been out for ages, it's not as good as GTA IV, but hey, it's at a good price!

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    Stupid expensive for a 10yo game

    Same price @ Amazon though

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    Waiting for this to release on PS6

  • Anyone notice whether this was a new price today or been out for a few days already? I’m wondering whether it’s worth staying up till midnight to see if EB drastically reduce some stock prices.

    • It went on sale 2 days ago. The whole sale is already running since then.

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        An email was sent out to members with a countdown to midnight tonight

        • Correct that’s why I’m curious to see if it’s worth staying up for

          • @jollyrogga: The final email has already arrived. That email is just for the "best ad ever" whatever that means

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          But this price was already marked in the stores. I got a game half price 2 days ago. Kakarot was $28 and I got one also.

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          Pretty sure it's already live, the banners are up on the store and their facebook page already announced it.
          Or atleast I assumed so..? I just nabbed AC Mirage for 28 bucks (pre-owned)

          Oh great, now I'm wondering if I should stay up also to see if I got slighted, and to see if stuff will be even less 😅

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            @Stoibs: Hahaha yeah sorry I’m just curious as well as the countdown to midnight is still in my email

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              @jollyrogga: Yeah same! Still counting down for me, very confusing :/

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                @Stoibs: Very confusing. I’m paranoid now hahaha!

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                  @jollyrogga: It feels like their social media marketing/emails are always behind what is actually happening on their website. It's strange that they are hyping up a sale with a countdown to midnight tonight and ad when it has been running since Monday. Unless they plan on adding a bunch more products to the sale/reducing things further although there's already a lot on sale so not sure they will.

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    it's not as good as GTA IV


    Never could get into V. It just “feels” off.

    • Vehicles & weapons.

  • +1

    Damn that's crazy, we get GTA V before GTA VI

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