Google Pixel Watch 2 Wi-Fi $299, LTE $399 + Delivery ($0 C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Looks like JB Hi-Fi has finally joined the party!

Not as cheap as Officeworks, but at least they have the LTE version on special as well!

You can try your luck price matching the Wi-Fi version from Officeworks, but they may decline due to low stock.

Use discounted gift cards to pay even less!

Thanks for looking :)

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  • Got mine in the Qantas deal, it's a really comfortable and impressive watch. Only downside is the lack of wireless charging but so far Im getting 2 days per charge with all sensors on, and regular use

    • 2 days with an LTE version or Bluetooth?

      • +1

        Non LTE

        • Thank you, do you track sleep with the watch?

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            @APN Adelaide: Yep! Only time it's been off my wrist is pooping and showering (which conveniently is about the same time it takes to charge!)

            • @jugsy: @jugsy that's good battery life then.

            • @jugsy: why do you take it off to poop?

              • @sssx: Because poop is icky and I wear my watch on my left wrist?

    • I didn't mind it - got one for my mum, but it is far too small for my wrist. Hopefully they come in a larger size for the next version, with better performance.

      Noticed it was a little laggy in some menus.

      I'm currently using an Apple Watch Ultra and if they could somehow match that device for size and speed, I'd buy it instantly.

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        Are you talking about the screen size or the band size? It comes with an extra larger band you can swap it out with.

        • Screen Size. It's way too small for me

  • does pixel watch work on non google android devices?

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  • any know if you can use MyKi on this? my wifes phone doesnt have NFC , so thinking of getting her the WIFI version

    • Haven't been able to do this, would be great id someone could tell us!

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      Unfortunately Myki isn't available on it yet.

    • -2

      PTV is such a scam, should be able to use CC like Sydney and the rest of the world.

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