Breville "The Infuser" Coffee Machine Brushed Stainless BES840BSS $399 (RRP $899) Shipped @ Breville


It's on sale, but that is no reflection of how good this machine is as a coffee machine.

It only has a 54mm portafilter, wherewith I prefer the 58mm.

If you have an existing / external grinder, this is fine, with the following extra info from awesome commentors:

  • the smaller tray that will fill quickly with water after each shot
  • the longer wait time between each shot
  • less bench space being used, compared to larger models
  • less power consumption compared to the Dual Boiler.

I'm still holding out for the dual boiler to hit closer to the $1k mark.. until my one dies completely.

updates being provided based on feedback from comments of people who actually know what they're talking about :)

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    I agree with most of what you wrote, but this has me curious:

    the longer warm up times than something like a dual boiler

    I have this model, and my partner has the dual boiler. I regularly use both, and this one is much faster warming up in every way I can think of. It essentially doesn't warm up at all, it uses instant hot water after a brief initialisation process. What warm-up are you referring to?

    Of course, the dual boiler can have a timer set to start the warm-up at a scheduled time. Is that what you're hinting it?

    This is a great little machine either way. I recommend it if, like me, you don't have much kitchen space. And as you said, paired with a good grinder.


    • I think I am wrong about this point. I am going to remove it from the post. I really appreciate you giving me this info!

    • Is there a wait time between each shot? or much of a wait?

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      I regularly use both, and this one is much faster warming up in every way I can think of.

      Wow, that sounds like a lot of ways!

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      Thanks for your comment. How would you compare the coffee quality between the two? Identical?

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        I can't make a fair comparison, because my machine is better dialed in, and I go through the beans quick enough that they're always pretty fresh. Whereas the dual boiler is just not so well dialed in (she keeps changing beans, so it doesn't stay dialed in for long), and she gets beans delivered on a schedule, so the beans are often not as fresh. So I definitely prefer the coffee from mine (the Infuser), but if we swapped machines I'm sure I'd prefer the Dual Boiler (once I got dialed in right).

        I'm sure I'd be happy with either one (if I had the space). I chose the Infuser just because I don't have the space for anything bigger :)

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    Had this machine about 6 years ago.
    Think I paid about $300 then.
    No way is the RRP $899

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    That RRP is slightly overinflated… Usually around the 350 mark so this price isn't bad

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    This also won't take over your bench or use nearly as much power as a dual boiler

    • The Infuser 1600W vs Dual Boiler's 2200W. And this is brief, ie. it's not the constant draw when the machine is on but idle.

      In case of a home coffee machine, this is neglectible.

      Unless you're living on the edge of your power generator's capabilities and you're counting every watt. But then, you shouldn't install either of the machines.

      • +1

        EV inverter max's out at 1700w…got to have a proper coffee when camping..first world problems right!

        My solar system also doesn't hit 2kw output in the morning, closer to 1.5kw. A few dollars a year difference…but this is OzB.

        BDB obviously having the milk thermoblock to heat as well.

        • I mean, obviously it's less power, but not as dramatic difference as in the original comment.

          I'm sure there are machines that draw even less than The Infuser, but I doubt anyone would be like "I choose a power-hungry machine that's 25% less power-hungry than the other machine, because despite caring so much about environment and the $3 saved a year, I need my espresso".

          • +1

            @pizzaguy: Some of the Delonghi's are 1200 watts, and yep, I chose a lot of my electronics based on efficiency.

            I can't make coffee as fast as 1 thermoblock / thermocoil, so I don't see the need for a second boiler.

            Always wondered what the BDB looks like once the shower screen is removed (anyone know if its a ring of water outlets, or just a single point that uses the shower screen to disperse?

  • My machine is almost 9 years old (had to look that up!) and I'm not a pro barista by any stretch but I've never found myself waiting on the machine that wasn't my own fault.

    It takes me longer to get beans ready than it takes the machine to warm up. The same applies with repeat shots - I'm never waiting on the machine

  • Bought one on sale when my dual boiler needed repair, I rate it as a great buy at this price. Good little machine.

  • Has the dual boiler been discontinued or something? I note it hasn't been available/in stock on the Breville website for months, and now it doesn't even show an "out of stock" button

  • +2

    Bought one 3 years ago during the Black Friday sale. I use it every day to make 2-4 cups of coffee, no regrets whatsoever.

    I have paired it with the Breville Smart Grinder pro - surely not the best setup in the world, but the coffee is decent…

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    BREVFUTURE10 gives 10% off.
    TopCashBack - 8%
    Cashrewards - 6.5%
    Breville newsletter signup - 10%

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      Used BREVFUTURE10 to bring the price down to $359.1 and just received TopCashBack notification "Your recent purchase has tracked" for $31.92, will see if it gets approved.
      If TopCashBack is approved, then the final price is going to be $327.18

    • Used BREVFUTURE10 and cashrewards. Brought down to $333.17. Absolute bargain.
      Replaces old Breville 10+ years old.

  • Can't fault this machine. Use 3 times a day. Onto my second machine, but the my first one lasted 7 years or so.

  • Just purchased one for my SILs birthday, it was $399 at amazon a few days ago, it is being cleared out. Agree the $799 is crazy, typical price is about $600s with deep discounts to about $350. I couldn't see anything else at this price new, sure they cheaped out on a few touches, finishes, and accessories, but at its core it is a decent pressure machine, programable shot pour to dial in, pid temp control. At $399 with a ~$100 burr grinder it gets you going, and unlike an all in one when you want to upgrade you can upgrade the grinder with out losing too much bench space.

  • Thanks OP. This prompted me to price match and I saw refurbs on eBay for only $309 after a $20 coupon was applied. Two year warranty as well. So I got one of these…

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    Add a dimmer / Speed dial and you won't get anywhere near the same amount of purge water in the bottom tray…plus better coffee.

    • Had to google this. Quite the hack. Will revisit once out of warranty as I snaffled one.

  • FFFFFF just bought a Bambino Plus yesterday, now torn over whether this might have been a better choice…

    • Bambino plus is the better choice because it uses a ThermoJet heating system and has an auto-milk frother. The Infuser uses an older Thermocoil heating system which takes longer to heat up and has a weaker steamer. I think the bambino plus is an excellent choice, you should keep it if you bought it for a reasonable price (sub $500 is good).

      • +1

        Got it from Officeworks price matching Harvey Norman - got it down to ~$475.

        • That's very good and the extra $76 you're paying for newer heating technology is well worth it. Breville have been slowly releasing new machines to replace their popular Thermocoil machines with ThermoJets.

          I have the Infuser myself and wish I bought a Bambino plus. This is because the Infuser only has 1 steam hole which produces really weak steam compared to the Bambino's higher steam pressure and 3 steam holes. This stretches/texturizes milk better which makes pouring latte art easier.

          • @devisticshash: True re the Bambino Plus 3-hole steam wand, but once you get used to it and figure it out, the Infuser steamer is perfectly adequate. I get perfect milk out of mine. The Bambino Plus steams milk faster, but not better. I have a friend who bought the Bambino Plus and have also compared brews using my fresh local roaster coffee. The Infuser is at least as good, if not better. And it will certainly last longer. The BB+ is very light and plasticky by comparison. Don't be too ready to wish you'd bought the BB+ - it's really no better than the Infuser in terms of the coffee and milk it puts out. And its longevity very likely less.

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              @rossnroller: BB+ has better heating technology in favour of build quality on the portafilter which most will end up swapping out for a bottomless protafilter when they get a bit more serious with dialling in their shots etc… I only believe the BB+ is better due to on-paper specs, forums and reviews. That's just my 2 cents, I've never actually had a back to back comparison but a very interesting insight.

              • @devisticshash: Yes, that's right about the newer heating technology in the BB+. I've seen some comments from the coffee crew on YT (forget who - but was one of the 'gurus' I follow, possibly Lance Hedrick) to the effect that the newer heating technology is not all upside compared with the older and somewhat slower heating of the Infuser. Buggered if I can remember anything more.

                I can say from my experience with the Infuser that it heats pretty fast. I turn it on and do something else before making a coffee, but when I've been in a hurry it's been ready in 5 mins or so. I think the BB+ heats up more or less instantly, but it's not a lot of difference when it comes down to it.

                Also, once you've pulled a shot and turn the milk steamer on with the Infuser, it's ready to go in about a minute. Again, a bit slower than the BB+ but still fast enough.

                This said, I reckon you can't go wrong with either of these little beauties. I'm astounded at the quality of brew I'm getting, and the BB is great too.

  • I had it, easy to have a constant result from it. . But make sure you buy the extended warranty, I had my serviced multiple times for various reasons, and there was a time the shop wanted to give me money back instead of fixing it but I refused, because I got the machine on sale quite cheap, and it had retained its value well, with the money back I had no way getting any replacement close to it.

    • I don't think you can get an extended warranty on Breville's website.

      And seems it's out of stock elsewhere, but Amazon.

      • +1

        You'd be unlucky to need an extended warranty. The Infuser is rock solid, a workhorse. As with any espresso machine, there'll be limescale buildup over time, but through the use of filters that take out some of the limescale and regular cleaning and scaling, you can expect years of use out of the Infuser. Buy with confidence. It's a little beauty.

        I bought mine second-hand 2+ years ago, and it hasn't missed a beat. Was 2yo when I bought it, so 4 years down the track and counting. I can honestly report I am getting the best coffee of my life out of my Infuser, and I say that as a coffee nerd for 30 years+. I'm experienced in every manual brewing method there is, but this is my first espresso machine. Suffice to say, I never use manual methods now, unless pressed for time.

        Needless to say, I've watched endless YT tutes, use beautiful fresh locally roasted beans, and do all the right things (essential - the Infuser won't do it all for you, but if you bother to learn the ropes properly, you'll be well rewarded).

        I recommend the Infuser unreservedly. You're right that it's out of stock just about everywhere. Breville may well be down to their last stock, and there won't be any more. So…

  • Picked one of these up late last year and it's been brilliant. Pair with a good grinder and clean it regularly and you'll have no issues. Warm up time is maybe a minute if that, and no issue pulling back-to-back shots.
    Tip: would recommend holding down the two cup button for the length of your shot, that keeps it at the 9-bar 'pre-infusion' pressure which is really all you should be aiming for and helps avoid channeling.

  • Just got one. Any suggestions on a good grinder?

    • Depends on your budget, I reckon spend as much as you can on a grinder and get a Eureka, Niche Zero or Varia VS3.

      • +1

        DF64 gen 2 for $600 delivered

        • Where? Pls share.

          The DF64 Gen2 is currently $891 on special from Alternative Brewing. Thinking you must have bought overseas?

          • @rossnroller: Got mine the other week

            • @bumluffa: Thank you!

            • +1

              @bumluffa: Just a note for anyone considering ordering the DF64 Gen2 direct from their website - total price including shipping is $656AUD.

    • Bought a Baratza Virtuoso+ from The Good Guys Commercial for $345.

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