Exploding Minions Card Game $12 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ In-Store/ OnePass/ $65 Order) @ Kmart


Exploding Minions for $12 at Kmart. Currently $34 at BIG W.

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    Literally everyone else is around $30 mark including GamesMen too so this is a definite bargain.
    Ordering online with free onepass delivery in case the store doesn't have stock for C&C.

  • Bought for minions obsessed 5yo. Awesome find OP!

  • Thanks OP. Ordered for free delivery with OnePass

  • My online C &C order was just cancelled. Just placed another one at another store. I do wonder if it will go through.

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      I placed click and collect late at night and it was automatically cancelled. In the store I was able to pick one up though.

      • Thanks! I finally bought one from the Kmart store. 😃 Thanks OP!

  • Thanks, OP. I decided to fact check your claim of the competitors prices because I couldn't be bothered going to Kmart. I ordered it from "Dylan's Games" on AliExpress for $6.22 with a new user account discount.

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      Beware of AliExpress board games. They are most likely counterfeits. I have 2 games and the cards quality is just meh

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        Bright side, if for your kids than less rage inducing when they start bending them or grubbing them up.

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    Thanks OP order confirmed.
    Other games from the same creators are also $12:
    Game of Cat and Mouth - this is usually over $40, I’ve never seen it this low.
    Tacocat Spelled Backwards

  • Thanks, OP!!

  • Anyone care to comment if it is any fun/entertaining??

    • Pretty sure it is basically "exploding kittens" but minion theme instead. Exploding kittens is generally well regarded and fun. A bit stupid which kids love. If they also love minions than I can't see why is wouldn't be worth a shot for $12 (or $6 from AliExpress as commented above - likely cheaper quality but if for kids…)

    • Even fun for adults as a bit of a laugh instead of the usual card games. Basically minions themed exploding kittens game.

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      I bought it a week ago for Kmart (didn't know it was on special) and they've been asking to play it every day (7 & 9 year old)

  • Thanks OP - I just ordered this, Game of Cat and Mouth and Uno No Mercy. Great prices! (Especially for Cat and Mouth!)

  • Ordered yesterday for C&C and today got cancelled. Sad…

  • Is this a pricing error if most folks C&C got cancelled today ?

    • Got my C&C picked up earlier so order was fine!

  • I ordered it sunday and click and collect it on Monday.

    It's Kmart. Most likely no stock or incorrect stock levels.

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