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Nongshim Shin Ramyun Noodle 5 Pack 600g $5 @ Coles


If you couldn't find the Nongshim Shin Black at Woolworths, you can purchase the Original Red at Coles starting Wednesday.

Product details

This is the big bold flavour that more Australians are embracing? Then you have to experience Shin Ramyun soft and chewy noodles in a spicy, flavourful broth, ready to eat in just 5 minutes. Produced from farm-fresh produce, premium quality grains and the finest blend of spices, you're guaranteed a distinctive and delicious aroma and flavour.

PS: These are cheaper at Costco ($17.99 for 20 Pack) if you have access.

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    Tried black the other day. Liked it so much but when I went back they were sold out…

    I guess once you go black…

    • +3

      Rainchecks are good for this, costs the supermarket lots too.

      • +1

        How do the rainchecks cost the supermarket loads?

        [Order during promo week, for pick up after]?

        With Colesworth having the monopoly, I'm sure they aren't eating the cost?

      • +2

        Woolies hasnt done rainchecks since covid. Coles now does though.

      • WW don't do rainchecks anymore D:

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    about to munch down on one of these well the new "lite" version. cream color pack.

    tbh the "lite" has the best noodles out of all of them and they are also priced cheaper. and the spicyness is no different either seems to be the same red pack inside as the red version.
    I think the lite refers to the noodles, which are not deepfried. they are just like regular pasta which makes them so much more springy and delicious. make sure to cook them right I always undercook the noodles because the cooking of noodles continues in the bowl.

    • +1

      Shin Light - Non-fried Noodles

      Will have to try them.

      • +1

        best noodles out of ALL instant noodles I have ever had. not kidding. I can't go back to anything else except Migoreng which has the best "fried" noodle quality because indonesia makes instant noodles globally. things are also a bit different dry vs soup.

      • this is probably the go to if you still wanna get the fix, but its rather uncommon to find

        • I thought it was just new? I have never seen them on the shelf before.

          • @harshbdmmaster718: nope it's already out in the wild, i got it once or twice from either woolies or coles and it even went on sale, but it's about as rare as the black, the noodles are also slightly smaller to my memory and probably contributes to the 'lightness' overall

            • @Balls: hmm didn't notice the noodles being smaller. well maybe before cooking but I didn't think that the first time I tried them.
              I guess the real comparison would be to weigh both lite and fried noodles after cooked. 🤷‍♀️

      • oh it's not fried? how about calories?

        • +2

          I don't know less calories but instant noodles aren't healthy to begin with so.. you should be more worried about the sodium.

          Link above in a comment if you want to compare.

    • Oh what ? Damn never seen it at Cole’s or wooloes

      • no not at Colesworth. at local asian groceries 😁

        honestly they need to put the Lite noodles in all of them. that's my opinion. way better quality after cooking.
        Black with Lite noodles would be perfect. 😭

        • Dang it guess I’ll have to go . Lucky to visit one once every 6 months or so. Usually buy 1-2 bags of Taiwanese grown rice and that’s it.

          My local sunlit stores stopped stocking all the nissin noodles - now just the other random Chinese and Korean brands only. Used to get a few 5 packs of the chicken and the beef instant noodles. Reminds me of the old days growing up.

          • +1

            @Jimothy Wongingtons: most nissin sold in Aus not so good. made in malaysia I think.
            but nissin beef has awesome broth. you can get it from Amazon. noodles are just average though.

      • +1

        I live around a heavily Asian concentrated suburb and there's dedicated speciality sections in colesworth, so im not expecting nation wide availability

  • +1

    rather standard price tbh and sometimes it dips below $5, but if you missed out the black i guess this would do

  • if you want to tame some of the spiciness add cheese and milk at the end, as well as making it creamy

    • if you want slightly thicker type soup, I add a pack of miso from instant miso soup packs. instant miso quality and taste can also vary though depending on brand.

      works for any flavour noodles. I just chuck in the seaweed/fried bits pack as well because they will just end up piling up.

      I recommend these ones (when I make just the miso soup) they taste natural without any preservative flavour https://scontent.fsyd8-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t39.30808-6/4040141…

      they come in blue and red number colour. can't remember which is which but one is dark miso the other is light miso. think of the difference kinda like how it is with chocolate and coffee.

    • what kind of cheese do you use?

      • I'm a fan of the American style cheese or mozzarella personally.

        • Thanks I’ll give that a go

          • +1

            @beltdrive: If you go for a slice of cheese make sure it's the last thing you add. A slice or two ontop starting to melt as you eat is the best.

  • -1

    Are these the new low? Used to be $3.75 when half price.

    • +2

      Hasn't been $3.75 in years (at least in Coles/Woolworths).

      The 'special' price is now $5 (with the rare $4.50).

    • Why not say $3?

  • Add cheese slices, Cabanossi, fried egg and whatever greens you like.

    What a meal! What a deal!

  • Still no stock for black

  • +1

    Tbsp vinegar, soy, fish sauce, splash sesame oil, beaten egg = flavour town

    • +1

      Ok this one seems very interesting

      Do you just chuck it all in during cook ? Or is there a procedure when to add what?

      • +4

        Do you just chuck it all in during cook ?

        cook what? Did @TrulyUnicorn mention noodles anywhere? Didn't think so.

  • -1

    Like most foods, tasty but bad for your health.

    • -1

      I guess seed oils are good for you then

  • Comfort food

  • +1

    I came back to comment again because I think I was so excited about the Lite version when typing my comment above I didn't compare the noodles to black (fried).
    I know on a previous post I said Black (and probably red someone told me they are the same noodles) has one of the best noodle quality of instant soup noodles so some of you might be confused.

    so a week ago I had a bowl of Lite, then to compare noodles I had a bowl of Black the day after .

    comparing just the noodles. eating Black straight after felt like I was eating instant noodles. that's how good/natural the Lite noodles are as I said reminds me of pasta straight out of the pack and when cooked. the only thing that doesn't say pasta is the shape which is typical coiled instant noodle shape.

    • can't believe you don't prefer the Pro model

      • by Pro you mean Nongshim Black? yeah that was my go to before the Lite (SE model?).

        Nongshim Black soup still better obviously. but it's not the massive difference I once thought it was after trying red again and Lite just because the soups so damn spicy. but to me better noodles win every time.

    • best noodle

      A bit different but have you tried prima brand laksa? It’s not technically instant but is pretty damn quick

      • +1

        no I haven't but I like my laksa from local place. it's priced fair too. (also not big on eating laksa often it's a bit heavy)

        • +1

          Well yeah nothing gonna beat an authentic commercial made laksa

          Same with pho

          Great now I’m craving laksa and or pho…

          • +1

            @Jimothy Wongingtons: weird how I haven't eaten mcdonalds in over a year, and commenting on that recent mcd post suddenly made me crave a mcd burger at like 11pm. it was a fever of craving as well I stg they are running a powerful psyop.

            then today that craving went away. and it's got me again now. terrible food always disappointed but I want to eat it RIGHT now???

            • @harshbdmmaster718: God how good would a Big Mac, large chips, frozen coke and mcflurry be right now

              (Ok maybe not mcflurry, it’s actually uncomfortably cold in brisbane right now)

              • +1

                @Jimothy Wongingtons: I think just two Big macs would satisfy my craving. probably not the best value to order that though.

                but the psyop has me in a frantic mood. just heat up some bomb fried rice but thinking about Nongshim and Big macs.

  • -1

    Costco have these 20 for 14 pieces

    • But this deal is actually cheaper mate
      If you get 3 of this, it'll only cost you $15 compared to Costco's one + you get one extra packet too.

      • hes got it the wrong way
        its 20 packets
        normall 18
        but if theybhave coupon it could go to 14 or 15 bucks

      • I meant it 20 for 14 pieces. Comes out way cheaper.

        • +3

          Mate, use a dollar sign lol

          • @CodeXD: Haha fair point. 14$ for 20 pieces y'all.
            Normal price is 18$ for the same.

    • Maybe

      But idk about you but Costco for me is like 40 min one way for any of the three in brisbane

  • +1

    I see this for $4.50 most of the time in Asian supermarkets

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