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Philips Master LED MR16 6.5W 60D 3000K GU5.3 Dimmable 50 Pcs $571.65 Delivered / MEL C&C @ Light Online


EOFY Sale 54% off Philips Master LED MR16 6.5w 60D 3000K GU5.3 Dimmable - BOX OF 50PCS ($571.65) @LightOnline

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    For those who don’t need to buy 50, Reduction revolution does these at 10 buy for 129.50 as a standard price. Use code free for free shipping.

    Claimed savings over rrp in op is misleading in my opinion.

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      Just bought the same 10pack item from Reduction Revolution last month and all are working great
      replace some of my 10 years old 10w Philips Master LED that starts to stop working
      surprise that the new 6.5w version is as bright as the 10w old ones

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        As a lighting enthusiast, the Philips masters has always been one of the gold standards of mr16 lamps. Many have tried to copy in the past and failed, many miserably. Many do not understand the nuances of mr16, transformer compatibility and dimming. I can and do recommend the Philips masters for anyone looking to retrofit.

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      Agreed: $11.43 per bulb (OP with min order 50) vs $12.95 per bulb (RR with min order 10).

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      Vouch for RR's Ryan's dedication to energy saving and service as well.

    • Thanks for your suggestion, we have added the box of 10 as well.


      Individual quantity option

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    Do these work with whatever transformers installed? Been reading that LED MR16s won't save energy as the transformer draws a certain amount of energy, and will just turn to heat if not used by the bulb. Not sure if that is accurate.

    PS I would like to know the answer too.

    • the light itself does not have a transformer, it works with a 12V transformer
      not sure about drawing of energy, but i guess if I switch off the light
      there should be no power supply to the circuit, so there shouldnt be issues on energy consumption while light is not in use

      • How about when it is in use? Drawing per bulb or transformer?

        • I am not expertise of this, but ChatGPT said the additional energy consumption will typically be around 2-10%

          When you step down voltage from 240V to 12V using a transformer, some energy will be lost in the form of heat due to the inherent inefficiencies of the transformer. The amount of energy lost depends on various factors such as the quality and design of the transformer, its load, and operating conditions.

          Transformers are not 100% efficient; some of the electrical energy is lost as heat due to resistance in the transformer windings, core losses, and other factors. Typically, transformers have efficiencies ranging from 90% to 98%, meaning that 2% to 10% of the input power is lost as heat.

          So, if we assume a transformer with an efficiency of 90%, then 10% of the energy is lost in the transformation process. If the load (the 12V MR16 6W light bulb in this case) draws 6W of power, the transformer would need to draw more than 6W from the 240V source to compensate for the energy lost during transformation. The exact amount of energy lost can be calculated using the efficiency of the transformer and the power output of the load.

  • 50 is a lot for such outdated tech.
    I hope nobody is buying these in bulk, except to replace old halogens etc.

    • Why are these old tech?

      • Because they're designed to fit old-school 12v halogen light fittings - the bulb was replaceable because you had to replace it when it died.

        If you already have these fittings in your house, then this is the bulb for you.

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        They are design as plug in replacements for 12V halogens, which used iron-core transformers.
        Too small for good heat dissipation, analog dimming control using AC wave-form - I'm guessing?
        Generally inefficient. Dim. No smart control, fixed colour-temp.

        Better to rip out the old AC transformer and MR16 fittings, and replace with something more modern like https://bunnings.com.au/philips-cct-led-800lm-7-5w-down-ligh…

        If you only had a few lights, and they were hard-wired (no plug-in socket in the roofspace) these would save the expense of an electrician. But fifty!? Just do it properly and get rid of all MR16.

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      I'm genuinely interested to hear what the newer alternative is.

  • wow 2 reports against this post already lol.

  • I’ve used these to replace my halogen MR16. Put in about 60. They’re pretty good but nowhere near as bright as the halogen and the CRI is good at 90 (better than most LED lights out there) but still lower than halogen at 98.

    My biggest issue is that my halogen downlights are 70mm cut outs which makes finding complete LED replacements hard as most are 9m cut outs so would have to have them all enlarged at additional cost. So these drop in replacements are a fraction of the cost.

    I bought mine from Reduction Revolution and they had excellent prices and customer service.

    • 70mm downlights
      cri 90

      If you 100% cannot /dont want to cut out to 90mm (it will make your life easier..) - apparently trend xdj10 claim up to cri97, and are 70mm cutout.

      You'll prob want to sit down before opening the quote though if you are expecting like $10 downlights haha

  • I just bought some MR16s for $1 each - https://www.bunnings.com.au/luce-bella-mr16-led-500lm-warm-w…

    Sure the Philips are better, but there's no way they're 11x better.

    • These philips are for plug and play with old downlights for halogen bulbs. Most led don't play well with sockets intended for halogen bulbs.

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        These Luce Bella ones are designed for the same purpose, aren't they?

    • How have you found them? Reviews on the Bunnings website are atrocious.

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        Haha, dunno yet - I got them as spares. Can't be any worse than a blown one?

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      I bought a few Bella MR16's at first. Dimming was dodgy as hell and they were failing in less than 12 months. Replaced all of my downlights (29) with Phillips Master Series. Not a single failure after 6 years… So far 6 times better and counting :-)

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