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As part of the new Borderlands movie promotions, the Borderlands Facebook page dropped seven posters, all with SHiFT keys embedded in them.

Some are also annoyingly hard to read, so I've done the work for you.

All keys can be renewed multiple times, (once per game, once per platform), so if you play on Steam, Epic, and Xbox for some reason, uh… happy clicking!

The posters, with their associated keys:

The Crimson Lance - ZRXJJ-66953-T33TB-BBJ3T-CKXJ6
Bobby Lee as Larry - 966BB-TXSKJ-JJJ3J-333J3-XK56J
Edgar Ramirez as Atlas - ZXRTT-SKHCJ-B3TTT-JBTTT-JTRHH
Olivier Richters as Krom - 96FJT-WFZWJ-J3JJJ-BBT3B-XFKSW
Janina Gavanka as Commnder Knox - HFFJT-6KZCT-3J333-TT3BB-XK6CS
Gina Gerson as Moxxi - ZFXJB-BCSKT-TT3J3-JJTB3-XB965
Benjamin Byron Davis as Marcus - HFX3T-KWHCJ-BBJ3T-3JTJB-X3KTR


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    They still have these keys… That's pretty good support from gearbox

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    it'll be so much fun if I ever launch this game again after all these years of OzB codes stacking up

    cheers OP

  • +1

    On PC you used to be able to use a cheat engine table to get unlimited keys.

    Not sure if you still can though

    • You can also modify your save

    • +1

      I don't think so anymore, but you can setup an agent to automatically check and redeem them for you:

      I forked the original when twitter stopped allowing API access for free, and pull a feed of codes from mental mars.

      • I just tried using this and theres a few steps in the installation process in the readme that were different, might be worth looking into changing it. Great tool though, thanks!

        Edit: after getting through the install it fails when running at "import requests", line 30 of

    • You can modify your save files to allow for unlimited keys

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    Been playing BL2 split-screen co-op with my son for the last few years…best game!

    • +3

      I remember when they made split screen games, lovingly. Played through bl1 and bl2 with fond memories

      Bl3 was absolutely tedious and we never finished it.

      Also, the HUD was scaled so poorly, it was absolutely tiny. It's like the devs coded it for someone sitting at a desk with a 40 inch monitor, not someone sitting on the couch looking at a 46 inch TV. Couldn't find anywhere to adjust the settings. Remember, this is a game where you spend half the time in the inventory comparing stat's, and the other half using the map. How did that pass QA testing?

  • So these are just skins? Not even loot boxes?

    • +2

      No, golden keys are to open a loot box in the game, which gives you a random high tier weapon or a selection of weapons in some games

      • +3

        Once you reach a certain level within the game you have access to the chests that can only be opened with Golden Keys. I always found that it's not worth hoarding them, just use them as you collect because they'll give you a decently high level item at the same level of your character. However, they're not always great items, which is why it's not worth hoarding the keys until you've reached the maximum level. It's best off using them as you go and it helps faster progression through the game.

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    after multiple redemptions, I realised I was getting a different message in the same blue box that confirms the code redemption, instead it said to continue redeeming please launch a Shift-enabled title first, and I had to launch one of the games. It's not very obvious as I had clicked a few redeems before I realised, and had to check and re-redeem them (thankfully it told me if I had already successfully redeemed for that platform), so watch out for it!!

    • Just happened to me and was about to make the same comment.

      How annoying!

  • Which game are people redeeming the keys for? There are 4 to choose from, assuming (like me) you own all 4 (doable now since they have all been heavily discounted or bundled).

    • +1

      You can redeem each code for multiple games

      • +1

        Pretty sure you can redeem across multiple platforms too.

  • cant even get Bl or BL2 to launch for some reason. is there another way to redeeom the codes aside from ingame?

    • +1

      did you click on the "go to deal" link

    • all redeemable via your online Shift account!

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