ToolPRO 12V Rotary Tool Kit - $35 + Shipping ($0 In-Store/C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Rotary tool kit including skin, 2Ah battery, and charger on clearance at the moment.


  • 6 different speed settings to suit a wide variety of tasks
  • 50 piece accessory kit included with tool kit
  • Can be used on a wide variety of materials such as Plastics, Stone, Ceramic, Soft Wood, Metal, Hardwood and Steel
  • Built in battery capacity indicator
  • Includes: 1 x 2.0Ah Battery, 1 x Battery Charger
  • Built in battery capacity indicator
  • 3 x Milling bits, 2 x Engraving bits, 5 x Grinding bits, 1 x Combination Spanner

Full Product Info

Grinding, cutting, polishing, engraving and cleaning - if you want a tool that can do all of that and more without the hassle of a power cord or control module, then look no further than the 12-volt cordless rotary tool kit from ToolPRO. This amazingly versatile tool comes with a variety of discs, brushes and bits, as well as a battery pack and charger - everything you need to get started on pretty much any job.

With an easily adjusted 6-speed selector dial, you can dial in the perfect speed to work with a range of different materials - from low speeds for plastics and other materials with a low melting point, up to high RPM work on hardwood and steel - this tool can handle it all with ease. Not to mention comfort, thanks to the rubber grip handle, and strong, lightweight casing that helps to eliminate fatigue and flex.

A 2ah battery comes included, and a 4ah power pack is also available. To help you keep track of the remaining juice, the rotary tool has a handy battery capacity indicator, and the included battery charger will get your batteries filled in no time at all.

Whether you're a hobbyist or a tradie, tinkering in the shed, or fabricating serious projects, add a massive amount of versatility to your workshop and around the house with the 12-volt cordless rotary tool kit - part of the great range of ToolPRO power tools available from Supercheap Auto.

In the box:

  • 1 x ToolPRO rotary tool skin
  • 1 x 12 Volt 2 amp hour battery pack
  • 1 x 12 Volt fast charger
  • 6 x HSS drill bits
  • 2 x Mandrels as tool holders
  • 3 x Polishing discs
  • 4 x Grinding discs
  • 1 x Metal disc
  • 16 x Cutting disc
  • 5 x Collet chucks
  • 2 x Synthetic brushes
  • 3 x Milling bits
  • 2 x Engraving bits
  • 5 x Grinding bits
  • 1 x Combination spanner
Intended Use:

This cordless multi rotary tool is intended for drilling, milling, engraving, polishing, cleaning, grinding, cutting of materials such as wood, metal, plastics, ceramics and stone in dry rooms using corresponding attachments (as supplied).

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  • +1

    Is this compatible with regular dremel branded bits? I have a bunch of those but the dremel itself karked it few weeks ago.

    • From the comments in the review, I believe you can you use dremel bits.

    • yes

  • +1

    No local stock, had to pay $7 for postage.

    • I'm guessing it's worth it

      • +13

        You’re worth it !

    • Nice. I got not available for delivery.

  • +4

    Its been this price for a few months now

  • +1

    Have this, very handy when I can't be bothered plugging in the dremel etc.

  • +2

    It's pre good, I use it to file down the doggos nails cos they are so damn thick
    Not used it for anything other than that

    • +1

      Ha, bought the ozito pxc one for the exact same reason and also haven't found another use yet

    • Which bit do you use for the trimming?

      • +1

        Don't trim, sand/file them down.
        I use the round sandpaper bit

        • +1

          Thanks, ordered just for this reason :)

          • @anzacpaul: Took my dog a while to get used to the noise and vibration. Have to ease them into it, first started just turning it on next to him, then used it on my own nails to show it doesn't hurt. Then eventually got to use it on his nail but only did it for 3 seconds and slowly increased the time
            Treats are a must too :)

  • +3

    For the price its fantastic, but the chuck isn't great, I have had 4 fail on me within a few months of purchase - as in the locking key would no longer lock basically making the whole tool useless as you couldn't get the old bit out. Its just another poster child of you get what you pay for, at least the warranty is decent, but if you value your time and you use something like this even a couple times a week, invest in a proper brand dremel.

    • +4

      Mine didn't come with one (chuck). It was the last tool in stock and looked like it had been fiddled with. I ended up buying the Dremel 4486 Keyless Chuck, and although it cost about as much as the tool (well, half as much), it has totally transformed using it. Highly recommended.

    • Sad but glad to see it wasn't just me. The chuck on mine broke after the second use, just hand tightening without the spanner.
      I tried getting some chuck nuts for cheap online but all the threads were too large. I ended up just returning it.

  • +2

    What are the use cases for this?

    • Used it for cutting out a HDD bay inside an OEM PC case to make room for a water cooling system. Turned the desktop into a sleeper build.

    • +2

      Drilling to the centre of the earth ,
      Ant Style .

    • +1

      Precision grinding, drilling, cleaning, buffing etc etc. Its got an on and off switch with a speed dial. Personally I use mine for grinding bits of metal my regular grinder cannot get to as well as brush cleaning certain items like key blades.

    • For those occasions you need to break out of prison and the plastic spoon isn't quite cutting it.

  • +1

    Definitely recommend grabbing the Ratchet Wrench skin to go with the rotary kit.

    • they any good? been tossing up if i should grab one of those or one of the milwaukee ones (albeit for triple the price) as i've already got a bunch of milwaukee skins/batteries

      • I love my toolpro ratchet wrench, probably my favourite tool in my garage.

        • +1

          Agreed - I have two and so very useful when working on the car etc.

          I'm normally DeWalt etc but can't justify the cost.

          The Toolpro ones work fine, are compact and just do the job as long as don't expect to perform like a full on 1/2" impact wrench - a different beast.

          • @freddofrog42: Woah, you're working on cars with these? Are you using an adapter for 1/2" or just the smaller bolts?

            • +2

              @WasBargain: I came to comment just on this. I got this and i got it specifically just for car. And yes you can use adapter for smaller bit. Its perfect for tight spaces.
              For me i mainly got it to take my bash plates off under the car for when it was time for servicing the 4wd. Got sick of wrenching manually while trying to hold a heavy bash plate. Very worth it just for the that. I got it when first came out as a kit with the rotory tool and the wrench, and sold the rotory tool.

              • @RandomBob84: Niceee.

                Did you mean the adapter for going up to the 1/2". I thought maybe not enough power for the bigger bolts. I don't have one lying around to try it.

                • +1

                  @WasBargain: It has plenty of power for car work. I even use mine for taking on/off 21mm wheel lug nuts (after using a braker bar first if taking off and using torque wrench if putting on at end).

                  And as @RandomBob84 said taking off bash plates and underbody panels with this tool can make car servicing a joy.

                  This tool has saved me hours, and the battery life is amazing for such a small tool.

                  • @Bmaca: Good experience!

                    Are you using the regular 2a 12v? The battery that came with my rotary only lasted about 15 minutes total and a few weeks on standby before it got to zero. I guess it pretty decent for such a small thing.

                    • +1

                      @WasBargain: Yeah just the standard 2ah ones. I bought a kit and now have a total of three 2ah batteries, but honestly haven't had to charge any of them up since purchasing the kit in 2021(I did charge them all up initially on purchase).

                      I have bought the rotary tool recently but have not used it, so it might chew threw the batteries a lot more (compared to the ratchet ?)

                      • @Bmaca: Nice setup!

                        Hopefully so! I was blasting through thick cardboard with a fine tip and almost started a fire.. 🀣 It also didn't really like cutting through that thick material and I swear it stopped or almost stopped at one point buzzing through.. that's why I initially thought it wouldn't do well for automotive. IMO, the mechanism doesn't even sound that great. I thought it'd sound a little smoother but I will definitely hope to prove myself wrong when I find a damn upsize adapter.. πŸ˜…

      • For everything bar the car, it should be what most people would find useful.

        You already have Milwaukee 12v batteries? I think I have a few new ones around from a deal here last year or the year before. If they're the 18v, I'd just go with the proper 1/2" they offer. If not, these 3/8" (comes with the smaller 1/4" adapter too) will do well for everyday around the house issues.

        But yeah, bit if a toss up if you want another 12v platform. I'd only really recommend it if you're already (or looking to buy OP's rotary kit) on the Toolpro platform. They're cheaper products with okay warranty, ease of return/replacement and gets most of the non-commercial job done.

        I'm hoping to eventually learn some basic woodworking one day and start a new platform for a saw range and from that battery, look for their solid 1/2" model for automotive work when I get old and lazy. πŸ˜…

        Edit: If I find an adapter, I'll try going from 3/8" to 1/2" and try some bolts on my moderately maintained car and see how it does but I don't have high hopes. But I definitely see it working for anything else.

        • +1

          it'll be primarily for car use

          I've got M12 and M18 batteries already, but I am tossing up about grabbing the OP toolpro rotary tool anyway so I'd have the toolpro battery.

          too hard to choose :)

          • @kig: Forgot to mention, rotary kit alone is worth it if you're after the batteries.. πŸ˜… The battery alone is currently $46.. Or $63 with the charging base.. So you're getting a small McDonalds meal and a rotary tool for free instead of paying current price for just a battery. (Or a real meal if someone was willing to pay $63 for the battery/charger kit.. πŸ˜…)

            Maybe I might grab another kit just for the battery.. πŸ˜… Then have a spare rotary unit and can leave both the rotary unit and ratchet wrench out on the bench. (They don't sit flat-standing without battery attached.. πŸ˜ͺ)

            Edit: Bloke above reckons they're even good for cars! If you don't really need the rotary kit, maybe consider spending $110 for the 1/2" (with 12v battery/charger) if you're going to mainly use it for automotive.

            • @WasBargain: i think if i was spending >$100 on one tool i'd rather grab a milwaukee one off marketplace for not much more πŸ€”

              • @kig: I get where you're coming from, but if I"m spending over $100 on a tool, I'm not going second hand usually.. πŸ˜…

                Keep it mind for the $110, you're getting a battery and charger already worth the supposed $63.. πŸ˜… I just don't know how well the 1/2" would perform in comparison to the 3/8". I assume it might just work a bit better than the 3/8".

                I can't really compare pricing as I don't think SCA do the 3/8" ratchet with battery/charger kit but to get the 3/8" spinning, you'll already be spending $84 for the rotary kit for the battery ($35) and the 3/8" skin ($49).

                That's why I said, if you wanted it for straight automotive and didn't need the rotary, for another $25, the 1/2" might be a better buy for you if for whatever reason you still wanted to expand your Toolpro batteries.. πŸ˜…

        • +1

          I mean these ratchets are primarily intended for smaller bolts/nuts anyway. If you are trying to undo anything that requires a 1/2" socket I would be going for a rattle gun or impact driver with an adapter, you are more likely to just kill this tool trying to use it on something that requires a half inch socket.

          • @doobey1231: That was my idea but everyone here seems to love theirs for almost everything.. πŸ˜…

            I'm still waiting for a time to really get to use it.. 🀣

  • +1

    These look very similar to Bosch 12v batteries… any chance they're cross compatible?

    • Like ac/dc go both ways kinda thing orrr you can dress them up different ??

    • No they are not, they are not cross compatible with the milwaukee m12 either, in case anyone was wondering.

      • Shame. They look to be an exact replica of the bosch 12v except for placement of the electrodes.

        • +1

          Tell me about it, I got excited when I saw the shape out of the box, went to try it on the milwaukee charger - no combination works. They've deliberately arranged everything differently for contact points.

        • Bosch works fine mate, no need to change anything.. Well it does for me, bought it about 2 years ago and looks identical

    • I have recharged Makita 10.8V batteries using this charger.

    • The battery works on the old red Aldi Workzone 12V drills

    • Yes, That's what i'm using in mine

  • I got this last time, its pretty good ive used it twice

    • +3

      So … 100% Success rate , sounds pretty , pretty , pretty , pretty , pretty good .

  • Looks good but i don't want another tool dock. I was looking at this one from Aliexpress instead even though it's not as cheap as this and doesn't have as good speed control.

    • Wonder if that Aliexpress one is any good. I've been wanting a simple USB-C rechargable one like that

    • That's like half the size of this one. I haven't had good experiences with smaller battery powered rotary tools from Aliexpress, but granted mine was about half the size again.

  • +1

    So not a cool looking drink bottle? Damn

  • Thanks OZB, buy now think on what to use for later.

  • Oh nice, thanks. Purchased. It's a steal even just for the spare battery and charger (worth $62 alone). I use my real Dremel all the time but find it a PITA to run an extension cord just for a quick job.
    I bought the big kit in this range a while ago which has the drill, impact wrench, impact driver, ratchet and torch. Pretty decent stuff for the money if you're not using it every day of the week.

  • Is this basically a cheap off brand Dremel?

    Good price?…

    • Read the comments

      • I meant to use ! - it's def a great price.

  • Does this support a flexible shaft?

    • +4

      You might want to get that checked out

      • Don't you usually need to get it checked when it's not flexible?

        • Mine is sometimes very flexibel but other times quite stiff. Go figure.

  • Too slow, no stock in WA and no postage available.

  • Will it cut through stainless steel in a computer case? Thinking of making a cut out for a fat graphics card lol

    • Always depends on the bits you are using. You can always slow down and take lighter passes if it bogs down. But buy good bits and you'll have more luck.

  • +1

    No stock in VIC for delivery or pickup

  • +1

    I've been trying to checkout with click and collect from SCA Chullora but it keeps failing and bringing me back to the cart page.

    • +2

      I had the same issue when paying by card, then I tried Paypal and got charged but there's no Paypal confirmation email or Supercheap Auto order confirmation

  • +1

    Useful to keep your lawn mower blades super sharp!

    I also use it on the teeth of my hedge trimmer.

    • Good idea. Which attachment do you use?

      • I use those hard rounded stony ones. I think they are pink in this picture. I don't have the same one but got one when TOTAL TOOLS had them for $20.

        SOZ don't know the tool lingo.

  • Can it be used as a nose trimmer?

    • Yes, this will trim your nose in half.

  • I think I'm glad I missed it I guess, great price but I don't need more gadgets.

  • Should there be a small screwdriver in the kit for the attaching the cutting disc to the shaft?

    • +2

      I think you're supposed to use the back of the spanner

      • Thanks kig. I never thought of that.

        I bought this to increase the size of downlight holes in plasterboard (going from smaller lights to larger) - do you reckon this will handle that?
        I was expecting something more like -

        I also had a $10 credit that was expiring, so thought why not give it a go

  • Has anyone used it and can comment on runout?

    I currently use an Ozito corded one for modelmaking (micro drill bits <1mm) and cordless would be good, but if it wobbles it'll be no good.

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