KULINARISK Forced Air with Steam Oven $899 ($809 Members Price, Was $1,399) + Delivery / In-Store @ IKEA

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  • It states the ovens RRP is $899 not $1399 so $90 off.

    • It was originally $1,399, now down to $899, then finally a further 10% off

      • How do you know originally $1,399 ? Website said $899

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          It used to say $1,399, also the label in the store shows $1,399 as the before price.

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          IKEA website just shows "was" = last price, not original price. It overwrites the original RRP if an item is on clearance and is discounted further.

  • If you add to cart shows regular price of $1399

    • Showing 809 for me

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        Sorry meant to say shows that the original price was $1399 in response to comment above. Fail.

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          Still showing 809. Should have gone to specsavers first

        • can confirm that the Regular Price tag is $899 on product page but $1399 on cart page

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    I have had this oven for 9 years. The steam assist is great for baking sourdough and other breads. Was great value, even at $1399

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    According to this page, it is assumed that IKEA ovens were made by Whirlpool up until 2020, and Electrolux from then onwards.

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      I purchased the KULINARISK in 2015 and it has the Electrolux logo on the label inside the door.

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        That would make sense, given that Electrolux are a Swedish company.

        • Doesn't explain why Bosch makes their dishwasher though

          • @BargainMe: Just a trade partnership*

            • @kaleidoscope:

              I don't know who manufactures this one - ideas?

              OP @hoodadilly

              manufacturer number 21552 => Electrolux

              • @tonester: I was talking about the dishwasher and yes they have different trade partnerships with other companies for custom built for order appliances.

                • @kaleidoscope:

                  custom built for order appliances.

                  i didn’t know that ikea did this?

                  • @tonester:

                    i didn’t know that ikea did this?

                    You can't be serious or are you making a joke? …

                    But anyway, here you go, now you have your answer

                    Whirlpool: 18535; 23256; 23196; 50047
                    Faber: 23199
                    ELICA: 23232; 23244
                    Electrolux: 21552
                    BSH: 23320
                    MIDEA: 23071; 23328
                    IKEA: all other manufacturer numbers

      • Mine too. I hadn't noticed the Electrolux logo until you prompted me to look

        • Yes, and the digital display menu is also identical to the electrolux ovens.

          When I purchased it, Electrolux had the same oven with a square water container opening instead of a round one. It was almost 3 times dearer for the same oven.

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    I've had the pyrolytic clean version of the Kullinarisk for 7 years. The pyrolytic version doesn't have the steam function. It's online for $1,259

    It was made in Italy. It seemed to match an Electrolux model at the time. It has worked fine except the clock loses time terribly. I really like the touch controls but I think the body of it is a pretty standard mid range oven

  • I see in the display photos there are two ovens…

    Do people generally buy stream ovens in addition to owning a standard oven? Or can this steam oven be used as a standard oven too (therefore only need one oven appliance)?

    • Yes, a steam oven can replace a normal oven. Steam ovens can be used to cook everything including all meats, bread, pasta, large deep-dishes, and even sweet dishes — making them a suitable all-round replacement for any conventional oven.
      Source: google

  • Free IKEA Family Required

    How? Order online or do they stock them in store?

    • Join the IKEA Family membership. After than, you can order it online or shop in-store.

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