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XTM 5W UHF Value Pack with 6dBi Antenna $139.99 (Was $279.99) Delivered/ C&C/ in-Store @ BCF


When you're kitting up your rig, don't look past the XTM 5W UHF Value Pack with 6dBi Antenna for effortless communication.
It can be installed to run off both 12V and 24V systems and has 5W transmission power and 80 channels..

It features a 6dBi high gain antenna that comes with a heavy duty spring base that's designed to absorb vibrations for rough terrain to improve performance. Other features include automatic squelch control, duplex range extender, channel scan, dual channel watch and an easy to ready backlit display.

I bought one today - it doesn’t seem to come with a mounting bracket for the antenna.

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  • Seems like an OK price for off the shelf, 5w "mobile" radio. An alternative in this price range is the Anytone AT-778UV. 😊

    • Link?

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        Funnily enough, I just came across this unit as a locally stocked, (I'm guessing) Australian rebrand.. 😅 Only thing is this is they've reduced the power to 5w.. They're normally 40w I believe, or a 25w version for most of the Western market. The main rebrand you'll spot is a Retevis RT95. I'd buy it directly from Ali/Banggood though to make sure you get the 25w version instead of that Australian 5w rebrand.

        You can even grab a $25 - $30 adapter kit from eBay to seperate the head from the unit. Comes with ribbon cable, 3d printed covers for both ends where you seperate it and the headunit side has 2 bolts opposite side of the screen to attach your screen to whenever you want it visible.

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          Looks good! Doesn’t come with an antenna though.
          I don’t know enough about UHFs, hence my entry level purchase. I haven’t seen any that state higher than 5 Watt though. Interesting

          • @MattPo: Uh yeah, I totally forgot about that.. 😅 I have over 15 sitting infront of me that I disregard now when buying new radios.. 🤣

            • @WasBargain: Is it possible that the reduced power selection is as simple as a jumper selection or switch on the PCB? Wouldn’t imagine at this price they are manufacturing 3 different power options? I don’t know shit but

              • @MattPo: You may be right, it might just be software-manipulated though.

                The Anytone/Retevis has power settings, can't remember off the top of my head what they were but I think low is 5w. Also, chineae radios don't exactly hit their advertised wattage so the 5w might actually end up being 3w. But also, with their dodgy programming, could end up being 7w.. 😅

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            @MattPo: Anything more than 5W is illegal for CB as is any radio with programmable front panel capable of transmitting off CB frequencies.

            It's also useless.
            You having 50W isn't going to help you hear someone running 5W.

            If you want more power and range get a ham radio license.
            No longer has an annual fee, and the foundation license gets you access to 10 watts, a VHF allocation and about 50 repeaters in each of the eastern states.

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              If you want more power and range get a ham radio license.
              No longer has an annual fee, and the foundation license gets you access to 10 watts, a VHF allocation and about 50 repeaters in each of the eastern states.

              This! Or go for a Standard license and get 100W.

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                @geekcohen: Oh test me harder daddy government so I can go from 5w to 10w., a VHF allocation (that would never get used) and the use of 50 repeaters (which also don't get used). Or heck, do more testing to have 100w of again, sh*t I won't be using. 😅

                No testing or government BS thanks.

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                @geekcohen: 30W on FM for a Standard licence.
                100W is for SSB.

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              @virtual81: Yeah, I guess it'll be useless when I can legally TX on the naughty frequencies when in dire emergencies or when SHTF. 😅 Or heck, even just listening in on random frequencies.. 🤣

              None of which are illegal. Which is why I use these things. But there's always the sadhams and gatekeepers trying to stop new people from getting into the hobby.

              Don't ya'll ever get tired of repeating the same bureaucratic BS? 🤣 I've had clowns tell me not to buy a Feng/Sheng to RX airband even though they can't TX on the freq and they think ASIO will knock down my door.. 🤣

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          25w wouldn't be legal to operate in AU under the class licence (and I don't think you could get a licence to exceed that on the UHF CB frequencies, but I'm not an expert).

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            @mskeggs: Pffttt, licences.. 🤣

            Bureaucratic garbage. 😅

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              @WasBargain: Problem is it is enforced a bit like the Freakonomics idea for disabled car parks. They suggested the penalty for parking there illegally should be death, but only infrequently enforced. So the people getting caught made a big example for everyone else.
              Breaking the ACMA rules has penalties like 5 years jail, a lot of penalty for running a hot radio!

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                @mskeggs: It's more like, "getting caught by AMCA has penalties".. And I don't really mean that facetiously.

                If you're mature and know the basics, you won't be "caught" so to speak. If you step on the wrong frequency, people will just tell you to stop/leave. If you continue, someone will probably foxhunt you with a KrakenSDR. If you then ignore their direct warnings, then take the book.. 😅 You don't deserve any hobby if your hobby involves you just trying to annoy others. 🤣

                In the case of spurious emissions, dirty harmonics, I'd circle back to learning the basics and know what you're using and wanting to RX/TX to and you should be fine.

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          Wow that does look like a RT95/AT-778.
          Do you know if it's the same guts in it just software crippled to get rid of VHF coverage and power down to 5W?

          I'd happily pay $159 for it if I could reconfigure it to RT95/778 with software. Chirp Chirp.

          • @QuarterPounder2000: I'd say it's software-crippled.

            Considering it's an Australian-marketed device, it may be like HARD software locked though to comply with our bureaucracy.. 😅

            Programming would be through the RJ45 but I'm really not sure if it's possible hey. But like you, I was surprised to just very quickly and randomly come across it from Google. I know there's a few American-brand variants like Stryker or something..

            May be something cool for our local ham Youtubers to explore because most of the global YT ham community highly rate the AT-778 for a cheap, mobile ham. I may see if Ham Radio DX will potentially check it out since he's done an Anytone/Retevis video within the last year or two from memory.

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              @WasBargain: I suspected they would have perma-crippled it to get it type approved for CB. Best deal for RT95 at the moment is about $180 and at least you know you can do what you want with it. Programming is through the RJ45 and I've got the multi cable for this already to use with Chirp. Stryker only does 10 metre rigs as far as I know but easily can cover 26-30MHz. They have had some criticisms for unstable frequency on transmit.

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              @WasBargain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPDB-uHYIEk

              All of the reviews I've seen of the 95/778 seems to be quite positive.

              • @QuarterPounder2000: Haha, nice! You found it!

                Yeah, multi-cable is SUPER handy, especially for an ever expanding handheld collection.. 😅

                I swear there was a reviewer that quoted a Stryker model that used the exact same externals, can't confirm internals but most likely got their own software too, to limit it? If I remember correctly, there's also a 40w version floating around..

                Another model I really was hoping they'd finish/per-fect was the Abbree AR-2520. Does everything the Retevis/Anytone basically will but with fake airband (and not even well, probably same as the feng/shengs out of the box and not after the AM fix), screen and unit overall looks a little better imo and is supposed to take microSD card but all the units ever produced never actually had the sd module in them.. 🤣 Also, most likely full of spurious emissions on the other harmonics..

                • @WasBargain: I've found the owner's manual for the Crystal DB447I


                  Seems promising that it mentions changing between amateur and professional mode and in one of the diagrams even shows a 2 metre band frequency!

                  Still uncertain if I should give this one a try or just drop the extra bucks and get an RT95. Suspect limitations will be on the software front and not hardware.

                  • @QuarterPounder2000: Good find.

                    Yeah, my Anytone you go through "mode 1" and "mode 2", the latter I think which unlocks the other bands. From memory, you need to turn it on and holding a button on the face as you turn it on will get you into the mode selection. Sounds EXACTLY like a retevis/anytone.. 😅

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                      @WasBargain: Turn off, hold in the buttons P4 and function and then press the power button. Turn the knob to Mode, then press the PTT and select mode 2 and then turn it off. When you turn it back on the crippling should be gone. 73.

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                        @QuarterPounder2000: Correct! 88 <3

                        • +1

                          @WasBargain: The 477i is covered by the 25% off sale this weekend and is shown on their website at $119.25. Brilliant I said. Went into my local store this morning, none in stock, the bloke looked on the computer and there's none anywhere else either. Couldn't order me one in or do a raincheck and he thinks they're probably discontinued.

                          It's a bugger when they don't have any in stock anywhere but they're still listed on their website.

                          • @QuarterPounder2000: Damn, unlucky buddy! Very good price if it was a remake of the Retevis/Anytone and would have been FCC/ACMA compliant..

                            So literally no stock showing across the country and the person can't/won't try and order one from another store to yours? 😪

                            • +1

                              @WasBargain: He said that none of their other stores have any either.
                              For under $120 I certainly was going to give one a try.
                              Why even list it on your website if you don't have any?

    • An alternative in this price range is the Anytone AT-778UV

      Don't get me started on the legalities around this.But we have already had that debate

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        I already noted it above..

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    Any YL's copy?

  • Anyone with this radio who could measure scan speed? I find that cheap ones are usually slow to scan, but more expensive ones (with faster scan) don't get any good deals.

  • Cheers, grabbed one for occasional offroading etc., should do the job

    • Yea that’s all I got mine for, have been running a 2W handheld for years and never saw the need to spend up for a fixed unit

  • I never see deals for 27MHz HF CB radios, is 27MHz dead? It should get better range than UHF, doesn't anyone use it?

    • +1

      I never see deals for 27MHz HF CB radios

      Because they aren't off the shelf radios really and rarely do people use them for mobile comms.

      27Mhz is still popular. My dad has a very large and amazing collection of old radios. Its become a bit of a collector's equipment but is used by some still. Not so much out of cars.

      • +1

        What do you mean by not off the shelf?

        Plenty of places sell 27MHz mobile radios, not as common as UHF, but not exactly hard to find.

        • Plenty of places sell 27MHz mobile radios

          I've had a look, and only found one model, the GME TX2720, and that's AM only, no SSB.

          Please, where to look for a car-mount HF CB radio with SSB?

    • +1

      27MHz is alive but interest is declining.

      It's more suited to those with an interest in how radio and propagation works, and as radio hobby rather than just used as FM comms between vehicles.
      27MHz can go further than UHF sometimes, and not reliably so, and additionally there typically isn't any practical need.

      Wanting to go further is fine, but at that point it's more likely you have an interest in radio and thus are better served by moving into amateur radio.

      With the annual license fee gone and the easy to obtain Foundation license there isn't really any need to go 27MHz.
      An amateur radio foundation license gets you 10 watts on 3.5MHz, 7MHz, 21Mhz, 28MHz, 144MHz and 430MHz.

      • Thanks, but I meant something shorter when talking about increased range.

        My very limited experience with CB radios, over a decade ago, was that UHF was much more "line of sight" than HF. Like, if sender and receiver were on opposite sides of a hill, HF was more likely to work.

        And I don't know if it's still the case, but UHF radios back then didn't have the option of SSB, which is permitted higher power. SSB also gives a better signal-to-noise ratio at the receiver, effectively increasing the range.

  • it doesn’t seem to come with a mounting bracket for the antenna

    Most UHF Radio + Antenna kits don't. Trying to supply an easy to install and a one size fits all mounting bracket for every car is difficult. There are many great options depending on your vehicle that are easy to install and look good (like bonnet mounts).

    Also, most bullbars have a whole for mounting, so people don't need a specific mount.

  • +1

    This radio is affordable and might be suitable for some, but it lacks the convenience of a combined remote microphone and screen. This means you'll need to mount the main unit in the cabin to view the screen, which might not be inconvenient. In contrast, other models with an integrated handmic and screen allow you to place the main unit out of sight, such as under the seat, while keeping the hand unit easily accessible in the center console or mounted nearby.

    • Yeah, like the $25 - $30 head mod I posted for the Anytone AT-778UV I posted above. 😅 If you're really scared or unlicensed like me, you could always set your TX to low on the 5w setting so ASIO doesn't come around with a KrakenSDR and take your "hot" radio.. 🤣

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