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[XSX, PC, Steam] Forza Motorsport Porsche 963 Combo Free (Normally $7.95) @ Xbox / Steam


Steam link

In celebration of The Big Race, claim the Porsche 963 Combo for Forza Motorsport at no cost by 19 June 2024.

Battle your rivals in the endurance race-winning 2024 Porsche #5 Porsche Penske Motorsport 963 and show off the factory stripes with pride on the track by wearing the Porsche Racing Suit.

Once claimed, the car is added to your garage, with no additional in-game credit cost required.

Requires Forza Motorsport (game sold separately). Offer valid 10 June 2024, 6 PM BST – 20 June 2024, 12:59 AM BST.

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    Finally a deal I can I afford

    • +2

      yeah you have to own Forza motorsport to get this so just be aware.

  • I gave up to after the first two patches didn't fix anything.
    Is it even worth trying now?

    • What do you want 'fixed'?

      • +1

        The problem of pushes not being saved and having to redo races a dozen times. Not being able to complete some car purchases and upgrades.
        I think there were also issues with matching.

        • I had the problem of progress not being saved and had to redo some races but that's now been fixed.

    • The one time I actually got into a lobby with my mates it was one of the best racing experiences I've had - but the stars only aligned once

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  • People cant even afford a virtual Porsche

    • +2

      lots of my real estate clients seem to drive porsches, they complain about the reliability though.

      • +1

        My dad had a Boxster 2.7 with the shittronic gearbox. Was such a disappointing POS, unreliable and slow. My stock WRX wagon would leave it for dead, Killed the brand for me.

  • +3

    Such a stupid requirement on Steam to have to own the base game to claim free DLC…

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