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[PC, Steam] Train Simulator: Chatham Main Line: London Victoria & Blackfriars - Dover & Ramsgate Route Add-On $0 @ Steam



[PC, Steam] Train Simulator: Chatham Main Line: London Victoria & Blackfriars - Dover & Ramsgate Route Add-On $0 (Was $56.95) @ Steam

Downloadable Content
This content requires the base game Train Simulator Classic 2024 on Steam in order to play.

It must been given for free before, because I didn't buy it. But I could add DLC on my account.

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    Waiting for the Queensland Add-On for $0.50 courtesy of Steven Miles.

  • This is what the QLD and NSW train drivers train on. 😅🙈


  • It's crazy to me that the dlcs for these types of simulators are often more expensive than the base game

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      Quite simple really.
      They give you the game cheap, get you hooked, then sucker punch you with the DLCs…

    • Razor and cartridges model

  • Then i could work in city rail

  • Is the base game the best train simulator ever? Seems to have quite a positive rating.

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      I must have gotten the Train Simulator Classic 2024 for free from this deal


  • whats this like compared to train sim world?

  • Just a heads up - if you don't have the base game, it's $43.95

  • I gave Train Sim a terrible review on Steam but was completely objectively and fair.
    Terrible graphics
    Broken scenery
    Bizarre physics
    Cars drive through moving trains at crossings
    Signal lights floating in the air
    Only accepts Proprietary Joysticks
    List goes on….

    And some fan took offence.
    Stockholm syndrome in action.

    If you're a train sim lover then you should be demanding better than this puke.

    As a flight sim enthusiast i can't believe how poorly served you guys are, and thats not me mocking you, you deserve better.

    Dovetail ought to rot, they're terrible at any sim they touch.

    Remember, these guys tried to offer Flight Sim World looking as if it would be the same low fidelity DLC fest that TSW is, and no one would have it, and thus FSW died.

    Like the clown that replied to my review on Steam couldn't get, this is not a criticism of people who enjoy their sims, rather a complaint that train sim fans are not getting treated better.

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      the air sim guys get all the girls man, we gunzels just have to make do with the scraps.

      Me and my kid love TSW, would like to get into Trainz and the Australian content but a lot of its historical, my kid would be stoked to operate the suburban trains we ride on but i guess its not to be. We used to have a lot of fun flying past our house in MFS.

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