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Sign up with Code and Make 5 Eligible Card Purchases in 30 Days to Get $20 Bonus Deposit @ ubank App (New Customers Only)


This offer is not as good as previous offer (which is still running as of posting!) which uBank has to offer - Code: WEMONEY30, however it's here as a long running deal from uBank until they decide to end the promotion. You can get set up in 2 minutes and use the code 20BUCKS to get $20 after 5 card purchases in your first 30 days. Available during offer period. Terms and conditions apply.

Put some money into your account – you can transfer from any other Australian bank account. You’ll find your BSB and account number in our app.
Then go treat yourself by making 5 purchases using Apple Pay, Google PayTM, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay or your ubank Visa Debit card within 30 days of signing up.
That’s it! You’ll receive your $20 bonus in your Spend account within a couple of days

Hot Tips: Easy to make 5 transactions. Just do 5 x 1c transactions at Woolies/Coles self checkout or re-pay your Afterpay repayments in small money portions.

Extra Notes:
Eligible customers will receive a payment of $20.00 into their Spend account within a few days of fulfilling the bonus criteria, furthermore, there are always a few people who will try to game the system, so here are some fair play conditions.

We retain the absolute right to refuse to pay or cancel a "Welcome Bonus” payment without notice to you. The reasons for us to refuse or cancel a payment may include, but are not limited to, if:

  • we believe that your access to the ubank app is or may be fraudulent.
  • we believe that you have threatened the security of ubank.
  • we believe you have breached any of the ubank General Terms.
  • we believe you are acting in bad faith.
  • we have closed your account.
  • Your account contains unpaid charges or is overdrawn.
  • We also retain the absolute right to stop the offer at any time and to change the conditions or incentive of the offer.

Referral Links

Referral: random (1082)

Referrer and referee each receive $30 after referee makes 5 settled card purchases within 30 days.

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  • +11

    I suspect there will be a mass exodus by the end of the month given ubanks new unfavourable changes

    • +5

      I'm on that boat since they're removing direct transfers/direct debit from savings account alone. And that's not even their worst change

      • what's this change… can u explain it a bit more for me i don't really get it

  • +5

    Looks like UBank are set to take an axe to their high interest rate savings account by introducing tiers, expecting their current rate to only apply up to $100k and then a reduced rate above. They're leaving it late to announce the new tiered rates, getting my transfers ready…

    • +1

      interesting… thanks for your input. i'll keep my eyes peeled out for this as well..

      • New rates announced. Not so bad…

        $0 - $100k: 5.5%
        $100k - $250k: 5.0%
        Greater than $250k: 0%

        Previous rate was $0-$250k: 5.1%

        N.B. These are all bonus rates applied to the eligibility criteria, which is primarily the min. $500/mo deposit (increased amount). Therefore, the base rate is 0%.
        N.B. The rates are applied to your deposit amounts within the ranges, not as a single rate on the total amount (e.g. a $300k deposit gets 5.5% on the first $100k, 5.0% on the amount between $100k - $250k, and 0.0% on the amount >$250k)

    • +3

      Moved from UBank (Legacy) -> ING -> UBank (formerly 86400).
      Now onto AMP Saver Account (in preparation).

      There is no reason to stick with UBank anymore. They killed off all the best features of the legacy UBank.

      • Same, have been slowly moving my savings over to AMP for the last few months, initially due to better interest now due to these July changes. Due to AMP's historical record, I would choose any other bank that competes with their rate, and also not willing to jump hoops (risk missing bonus rate) with ING.

    • +2

      Yeah, I think you’re right.

      Looks like I’m off to Macquarie.

      • Macquarie is only for 4 months though?

        • Sure but the ongoing 4.75% is not bad.

          Chasing the highest rate constantly is exhausting.

          • @Grok: Wouldn't AMP be better? 5.50% ongoing, if reading correctly

            • @clot10: Yes, I just checked, you are correct.

              I thought you had to grow your balance every month.

              Thanks! 💰

            • @clot10: what's this AMP one

    • Page not found, what did it say?

  • +5

    This bank made me changed my direct debit arrangements twice in a year.

  • +1

    watch out your money, opened, transferred in from NAB, account got hold for no reason, had to use Wise to debit the money out of account.

    • Nab already did that with greedy Citi newcomers.
      Nab them, then lock their money up!
      No working call centre for Citi, where do you think will Ubanks one go?

  • OMG!
    Buy new dumbos at any cost.
    Once you nabbed them, belt them.
    Andy must have been told that their computer has spare capacity to handle more accounts.
    If it worked for Gerry it gotta work for them?

  • This used to be $30

    • Deflation? 😕

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