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Priceline Cyber Sale - up to 80% off Health & Beauty + Free Standard Shipping! (Online Only)


Priceline Cyber Sale - Click Frenzy


Offers ONLINE ONLY (Not available in-store)



8:00am Tuesday 20th - Midnight Wednesday 21st November 2012 (Unless sold out earlier)


  • Up to 80% off Fragrance
    Selected products from Sarah Jessica Parker, CK, Guess & more.

  • Up to 40% off Cosmetics
    Selected products from Australis, Rimmel, Revlon, Max Factor, Models Prefer & Natio.

  • Up to 40% off Cosmetic Accessories
    Selected products from Models Prefer, Ardell, Nailene, Manicare & more.

  • Up to 40% off Skincare
    Selected products from Revlon, Biore, Natio & Le Tan.

  • Up to 40% off Hair Products
    Selected products from Lee Stafford, Royal Moroccan, Kady Jayne & more.

  • Up to 40% off Toiletries
    Selected products from Nivea, Colgate, Palmolive & more

  • Up to 50% off Weight & Vitamin Products
    Selected products from Fat Blaster Nature's Way, Bioglan & more

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  • website does not work at the moment.

    • Perhaps they sensed the upcoming onslaught and decided to spare their servers the abuse :P

    • FAIL! Back up for me but really slow.

      How's it going to cope tonight????

  • +3

    Looks like we have our first crazy crazy crazy, click click click, frenzy frenzy frenzy, SERVER MELTDOWN! :)

  • +3


  • Is Priceline still operating? The one near me just shut down and was reopened as a chemists warehouse

  • +3

    FYI Prices reduce once you add them to the cart.

    Aussie retailers are going to have to learn that you can't operate an online business with a $2 website hosted on a server made from popsicles seriously! this thing is locking up every 3 seconds frustrating

  • So slow…

  • Painfully slow, perfume isn't overally cheap. You can get cheaper elsewhere online.

    • Geez sorry negged by accident. My bad. Meant to + and say thanks for saving me the irritation of having to search through. Needed some men's fragrance for this xmas.

      Edited to fix spelling. Damn this iPhone keyboard!

      • +1

        You can undo your vote but clicking on votes underneath the comment and deleting it. Positive'd for you anyway.

        • Thank you!

  • Anyone else can access the Priceline link? Not working for me…

  • DDOS frenzy

  • Heavy traffic tonight. 2 traffics in fact. Still creaking…

  • Terrible site design. Every time you refresh, your order is lost, so you have to start again. And that just adds to server load as people can never complete their order…

  • The site's not working today either

  • +1

    That was the worst fiasco of any. I doubt even 10% of people could buy anything from their site over the period. Hours were wasted by many. And even though they messed up, they weren't willing to extend the sale, allow purchases from their stores, or just upgrade their servers over the course. Tough for all the customers.

    And Australian retailers complain and wonder why people shop overseas! Hard to imagine a major retailer doing a worse job in the current environment.

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