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Mountain Designs Expedition Duffle Bags: e.g. 90L $69 (Club Price, Was $179.99) + $10 Del ($0 with $99 Order) @ Mountain Designs


On special again. Can't compare to the NorthFace products, but my 90 L has been overseas multiple times and has held up extremely well and my 50l used to pack a heap of stuff for a weekend away locally.

May be able to add a new member/welcome discount to the deal plus cashback.

50l $49 RRP $119.99
70l $59 RRP $149.99
90l $69 RRP $179.99
120l $79 RRP $199.99

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Mountain Designs
Mountain Designs


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    These bags are kinda expensive but I bet they are top quality and will last for many years.

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    Baptist World Aid Australia's '2022 Ethical Fashion Report' gave Mountain Designs (Spotlight Group) a 1/100


    Food for thought

    • Wow. That sight is one harsh critic.

      Only 1 brand scored 86%

      Only a few scored 60%

      And the rest were below 60%

      Either their scoring is over the top of the fashion industry as a whole sucks big time…

      • Not just the fashion industry…

        • Yes.

          The world really needs to improve in a lot of areas.

    • +1

      I feel as though if I didn't need to pay tax, as this particular group likely doesn't, I could probably be more ethical with my spending and then care about their opinion.

      • As sad as those scores are, anything that scored over a 40 is an alright purchase in my mind and even tax-payers can afford those brands. Mountain Designs (Spotlight Group) is horrible compared to the likes of Macpac, Kathmandu, and the pinnacle travel-wear brand Patagonia.

        • +1

          I have a Nixon duffel (12 years) and a Kathmandu one (7 years) that serve me well still. Both were bought back when I was on the same hourly rate I am now but paying at least a third less to "live".
          I won't buy one of these Mountain Designs as I don't need it but if I were in need of a duffle, then these seem well priced….and I reckon I could live with the ethical cost.

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      Good job providing that link. I wonder how much world capitalism would be affected if more people started taking more ethical and environmental concerns into account when making purchasing decisions.

    • It doesn't necessarily mean they are bad based on the evidence, it just means there is no evidence in this scenario.

    • Well this is a shit research on your part…
      "This company is new to the Ethical Fashion Guide and ranks in the bottom 20% of companies assessed. Spotlight Issues:"

      Individual caregory scores? "No evidence", "No evidence"…

      This website scores based on the company having active policies on addressing some ethical challenges. The fact they scored everything No Evidence does not mean this company is not ethical. It just means they were not able to get and review those policies. So they stupidly decided to score the company a lowest score by defaut. Which completely shatters the credibility of this website and makes them alarmists.
      Don't get me wrong, I am pro such efforts, but this is not a good partner website to rely on based on this approach.

      It is good to make companies accountable and drive your choices to do so, but don't be an effing headline reader and shock title forwarder! Open, read, validate!

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    Thx OP got an extra 20 off the big one with code WELCOME20 - You saved $20.00 for spending over $50.00

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      How did you get the code please. I pick the 70l which is over $50 and at checkout comes to $69 with delivery. TIA

    • Thanks! Got the 120L for $69 delivered

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    • Good find sir!

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      Buy the 50 litre ($49) and then add 2 metres of rope ($1.50) to take it over $50 then apply the Welcome20 = $40.50 ………….. :)

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    They work well on the back of a motorbike too. The compression strap buckles can be used to tie it down to the rear rack

    • What size would you recommend for that?

  • good price, good alternative to the much more expensive North Face ones. I bought the 70L at normal price a few months back and quite happy, in hindsight I'd probably get the 50l though, 70 sounded nice in theory but its so much room
    and i just ordered a 50L, why not

  • I just cant decide either 90l or the 120l for a spare bag travelling

  • In Europe right now with the 70L and these things are seriously tough! Good bags for these small dollars.

  • Went into Anaconda today to get the 120L and was told if i spent over $100 they'd give me a $20 gift card, so naturally i went and grabbed the 50L.

    You can effectively get the 50L for $24.90 this way.

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