20 Value Pizzas + 12 Sides from $180 @ Domino's (Select Stores)


Available from the Domino’s mobile app, in the Offers section.

Crowd Pleaser from $180:
20 Large Value Pizzas + 12 Sides

Terms & Conditions:
Only available at selected stores. Expires 30/08/2024.

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  • +23

    Dinner for one sorted

    • Leave room for dessert

    • -2

      Appetiser sorted. What should I have for my main meal.

      • -2

        Not sure why you got negged, I thought it was funny.

  • +1

    Friday lunch sorted

  • +11

    "financial year bonus" lol

    • +13

      Protip: Keep the un-eaten remainders in the freezer and bring it out 6 mo's later for the Christmas bonus or work christmas party.

      • +4

        lol i can see my previous employer doing this.

      • +2

        Why limit to uneaten portions only

      • Good someone has already mentioned it. I was going to ask if you can freeze them and just take one out at a time.

        • I have tried freezing them before, but freezer burn will happen very quickly if you don't seal the pizza in an airtight bag. That's why pizzas sold at supermarkets always come tightly wrapped in a layer of plastic.

      • Our ELT has a freezer for this very reason

        • English Language Teacher?

          • @pizzaguy: Executive Leadership Team.
            A focus group for an organisation’s TLAs to meet regularly so they can maintain their purpose and pat each other on the back.

  • +2

    Bonus for my direct reports sorted

  • +4

    Hmmmm. Biggest downside to this deal is ending up with 20 dominos pizzas.

  • +6

    Middle Managers are going to loose their sh*t over this deal

  • EOFY reward 😩

  • $165 at my local (Ulladulla). There used to be a voucher for 3 value pizzas for $18 which is now gone :(. Goodbye pepperoni pizzas

  • +1

    My woolies manager would be probably do another store refit with this deal on Sunday evening.

  • +10

    When you break it down it is equivalent to $45 for 5 value pizza and 3 sides, which doesn't sound like good value.

    • 3 Upgradable Value Pizzas + 3 Sides $29 * 4 = 12 pizza + 12 sides = $116
    • 2 Upgradable Value Pizzas $13 * 4 = $52

    Total 20 value pizza + 12 sides for $168

    Both of these codes are already listed on ozb

    • Domino's Algebra 101

    • +1

      Pickup vs delivered. The plus is the pizza is upgradable.

      • +2

        Thanks. I don't usually get dominos so unsure if this deal is for pick up or delivery since there is no mention of it in description or the T&C.

      • -1

        Why does it matter if the pizza is upgradable? The surcharge is ridiculous, $2 for basic stuff or $3 for meat etc. At that point you may as well just get a higher tier of pizza, traditional or whatever.

    • I think they saw this comment and dropped the price down (at least on my app) to $165 lol

  • "thanks for coming in on a Sunday" type deal

  • +1

    My first thought was that this is more expensive than just using the regular coupon codes! CodeXD crunched the numbers and confirmed my suspicions.

  • -1

    hilarious joke sorted

  • I'm sure Domino's could find a body model from the OzBargain community.

  • -1

    mmm delicious food poisoning

  • +1

    Bought 20, thanks op.

    • Hope you got a 10% cash back!

      • That works for this?
        uh oh…

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