How to Get from Melbourne Airport to Dandenong North at 5:30 AM

Hi, can anyone please tell me a cheaper way (than a taxi) in getting from Melbourne Airport (5:30 AM) to Dandenong North with a large suitcase?

I've looked online and not sure if it would be appropriate to catch a bus with a large suitcase.



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    Why wouldn’t it be appropriate?

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      I'm assuming the suitcase has a large graphic hentai on the side

    • I think because the suitcase is bigger than the bus.

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      His ex drives the 5.30am bus.

    • Surely WALKING is CHEAPER

      Just that it might take a while.

      Otherwise get someone to pick you up

  • cheaper way

    Hitch hike


    im assuming this would be cheaper than a taxi

    • Looks like they are 3/4 gone under. No prices listed and only going private bookings now.

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    Skybus to city, train to dandenong, bus to dandenong north.

    Skybus is made for travellers, but even regular buses are easy to get bags on as well (as they're wheelchair accessible). Particularly at that hour no one will care that you have a suitcase. Otherwise just uber from dandenong station.

    • I don't think the SkyBus operate at that time

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        Skybus operates from 4am to the following 1am 7 days a week

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    Just take the long 901 bus. It passes through dandy north eventually.

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      Yeah about 3 days later after getting on the bus!!

      But that 901 bus line is crazy long!!!

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    Long international flight > SkyBus > metro train all at 5:30am - sounds horrible. Just get a taxi or Uber.

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      About $150 according to calculator… then you have the shonk driving you, add another $50

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        It will take less than an hour at 5:30am. The other method will be closer to 3 plus dragging a suitcase and risking your life on the Dandelion Dandy line.

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          Risking your life on the Dandy live vs risking your life in a Uber that has been driving all night long? Hmmm tough choices.

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    the bus is the best option at that time

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    Choose one.

    Cheap or Fast?

  • If only there was Airport Rail…… Cheers VIC Gov!

    • Every (profanity) vic government for the last 60 years.

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    If you can get to a station quick enough, the metro is actually free prior to 7am.

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    Uber to the closest train station (Jacana) then change at Flinders or one of the city loop stations.

    • never thought about this! thanks

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    Hop on to bus 901 at Melbourne Airport and get off at Dandenong Nth (several stops along Stud Rd).

    Direct service (so you won't have to change buses) but it will take HOURS

    OTOH it will only cost you $5.30 (don't touch off or you'll have to pay full daily fare - $10.60).

  • uber or didi ?

  • Catch the skybus to the city for $20 Melbourne Tullamarine Airport (MEL) to Melbourne City. ‘Turn up and go’ services 4:00am – 1:00am, 7 days per week.
    Catch train to Dandenong then 850 Bus $9-$12

  • Hop on to bus 901 cheapest option.

  • Thank you all

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