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Anaheim Ducks Majestic Pro Crown Cap $10 + Shipping ($0 C&C) @ Rebel


Fly Ducks Fly! Original price $50. No idea how good the actual Anaheim team are but at $40 off who cares. There's a few other Ducks caps and some other teams at $10 too if you search "pro crown":
Still seems to be stock around for C&C but YMMV

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    The Ducks are about to announce a new logo soon, so this would be clearing old logo stock.
    Still a good price however.

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      So vintage then!

    • I thought they teased it already, it's just the duck mask but the prominent jersey colour is orange instead?

    • The Kings also getting an update logo and the Yotes got moved to Utah

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      This is the original logo not the one that is about to be replaced. So this was always "old logo stock".

      However the new logo is supposed to look a lot like this just in colour similar to their current strip/logo.

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    Mighty Ducks!

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      Quack… Quack…

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      Ducks fly together

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        “When the roosters are crowing and the cows are spinnin’ in circles in the pasture…..

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          ….ducks fly together!!!

      • weee are the champions, my friends…

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      The mighty duck man

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    Its knucklepuck time.

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      TIL that Disney actually created a real life team the year after the first movie in 1992

  • These were in vouge back in 92'.

  • Whats this? the Oreo line

    Man someone please take me back to the 90's

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    Random thought - 99.99% people wearing NY Yankees hats (by far the most popular team hat) probably couldn't name one player on the Yankees current roster.

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      And if the cap is down and you can't see their eyes, they're totally either:
      a) a superhero incognito
      b) a fugitive

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        c) a celebrity trying to avoid paparazzi

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    Get a Blackhawks cap instead for the same price - better looking logo, although still a crap team

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      Might I add is also the logo on the jersey Clark Griswold wears in National Lampoon Christmas Vacation…

    • uhh yeah prob wouldn't wear that logo tbh

      • Fair enough, each to their own :)

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    My delightful girlfriend told me not to wear a green hat, ever! ;)

  • Gosh what have they done with the website.. horrible to navigate now :\

  • I mean the Opals cap is $5.

    • It is also quite ugly. My opinion anyway

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    Anyone know if these sit well on big heads like mine?

    • +5

      Chunkmaster asking the important questions

      As a member of the large domed clan, I too would like this answered

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        Is there a clan for people with 68/69cm domes? Asking for a friend…

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      I bought the green one of these last year when it was half price and it's still a bit snug on the last snap, my heads about 61/62cm. 9forty A-Frames are the best fitting adjustables I've found

      • Thanks mate, I'll give them a whirl. The "dad hat" trend of recent years has been absolutely no good for me whatsoever.

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    @Modestscouse Thankyou 👍 I got one of the Ducks caps in beige (thanks @skd100™ for the links!), but then I checked for other clearance items and I found some really good deals on shorts and snagged a bunch, because I really needed them, so double thanks 👍 and cheers 🍻

    Here are the links to the shorts ($20 each), a T-Shirt ($20) and some long socks ($5.74) that I bought (all heavily reduced) in case it helps someone (stock still available at time of this post):






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    Just bought one at top ryde. Had a few there.

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