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[Oculus VR] Up To 75% off Selected Games and Bundles - After The Fall $17.99 (Was $46.99) @ Meta Store


While I'm not a fan of "Up To" sales here we go anyway. I'm not sure if the results will be the same for everyone as you must be logged in to view or you'll just get an empty page.

For me, titles listed have discounts varying from 9% to 61% (despite the claim up to 75%)

Not sure if anything will overlap with the other deals listed with codes so be sure to check them out first.

If you are looking for something chill and on the cheaper side, I can recommend Puzzling Places currently $13.99.

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Buy a new Meta Quest headset from any retailer and both referee and referrer will get A$47 in Meta Quest Store credit once the headset is activated.

Games: 25% off for referees, $7 credit for referrers.

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    For some reason you have to be logged into an account to see any deals.

  • Maybe it's hecause I'm from new Zealand but even when signed in I'm not seeing any discounts

      • Good tip. I've done the same with CAD before but JPY is even better. (Following on the After The Fall example CAD13.99/AUD15.36)

    • Not sure if thats the reason. Couple of comments on the other deal post suggest there may be some targetting going on by Meta.

  • There's a virtual tetris freebie for those looking for free games to add, otherwise everything else costs some money ;).

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