Men's Tees from $13, Hoodies from $20, Knitted Sweats from $30, Chinos from $30, + $5 Delivery (Free over $80) @ Connor

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Pretty decent reduction on a fair bit of stuff.

Tees from $13
Hoodies from $20
Knitted sweats from $30
Chinos from $30

Free delivery for orders over $80. Decent range of sizes too

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    I find these clothes barely last a year, same with Tarocash. Usually the seams come off somewhere.

    • Agree. Target and harriscarf ones are way better without a big brand..

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      I’ve got a couple Connor t-shirts in decent nick coming up on 8 years old. I wouldn’t buy button ups from them though.

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        Yeah I have a few old Connor and yd shirts and pants.

        Unfortunately the material is not the same. The new pants material feels like cloth compared to the ones I have

        • Yeah I wondered if that would be the case. Happens so often nowadays.

          I had a look at the plain tees on offer and the colours are not as nice as the old ones IMO. Look cheap and dull now.

      • All my work shirts are Connor and have lasted longer than my Oxford shirts.

      • Cost 8 years ago would be different today.
        Margins and costs sometimes mean current ptoducts may be of lower quality

    • I haven't had that issue with a lot of their clothes. I'm sure some poor kid is getting paid peanuts sadly but generally for the money they've been good?

      • I'm sure everyone's experience is different. I'm sure different seasons clothes get made in different factories by different people, etc.

        And regarding "for the money they've been good", just depends on your value system

        I'm happy to pay 3x as much for something to last 2x as long

        It's less wasteful, and less time I have to spend shopping

        But overall I've spent more money than someone else buying cheaper goods

        So each to their own. I'm very much in the Buy It For Life category where possible

        • Literally none of the Connor products I've purchased have broken down or worn away quickly at all.

          In hindsight I didn't like the feel of one of the polos and so it's in the cupboard not worn too much due to the material type but the jeans, other polos, etc - all been good.

          Only issue is so many other people wear em so I now recognise my Connor homies and it's embarassing.

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      agreed, i bought some nice dress shirts, and turned to S@#$ after just 1 wash. it wouldn't lay flat and i didn't even dry it, i just hang dry it. tried to steam the hell out of it and still wavy and won't lay flat at collar, seams, front button line, etc…

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    Use CONNOR20 for an additional 20% off

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      Doesn't work on sale items

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        Just purchased with sale items and used CONNOR20 - saved an additional $20

        • Might need minimum spend?

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        Yeah doesn't drop the price any further. Just tried myself.

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      Thanks, saved me from signing up to their newsletter

    • Wish this comment was higher up T__T

  • Any way to get discounted gift cards for connor?

  • Kmart quality vs COnnor, which one is better ?

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    • Is that even a question? Kmart/Big W is cheap poor quality stuff that will won't last. About the only stores of similar quality would be H&M and Cotton On. Anything else is better (even if it's still pretty average such as Connor/Tarocash/yd).

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        Connor is comparable to yd. or Tarocash. If you need a cheap polyester suit for a court appearance following your one punch offence, or a flimsy shirt to get covered in vomit and mud on race day, go for it. But I wouldn't split too many hairs with Kmart, which has lately upped its in-house range and sells 100% cotton tees for $10. But there are better options for only slightly more.

        Uniqlo and H&M Logg are better quality, use natural fibres, and are discounted fairly frequently. If you're only after basics, there are even cheaper online-only brands like Gildan.

    • Connor, and their style/range is far better

    • Just bought the chino pants in store. Beats the kmart style and material 5x over. Thick quality material.

      It basically gazman and sportscraft quality but very decent price.

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    There was a lot of cross-pollination in the fast fashion industry when I worked in it, and it's well-known that the only companies that had >75% profit margin on RRP were Kathmandu and the shopping centre chic men's stores (this, yd., Tarocash). It's why their staff discounts are astronomical. Import Chinese polyester for cents on the dollar, mark it up 10x and sell to a few suckers for full price, but still profitably sell the rest at 70% off. They're the fashion equivalent of House, never not on sale.

  • We bought quite a few Connor shirts nearly 12 months ago and so far they are holding up well. I think the quality is much better than kmart/big and at $13 cheaper as well.

  • I went into Spencer Street outlets to try their puffer vest but ended up buying a Michael Kors puffer for $79 from TK Maxx that seems much better quality for not much more money.

    Wouldn't have gone in without the post so thank you either way OP.

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