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Lebara 160GB 360-Day Prepaid SIM Plan (10GB Per 30 Days + 40GB Activation Bonus) $119 Delivered @ Lebara (New Customers Only)


10 GB Data/30 Days plus 40 gb Bonus.

I was looking to replace my 60 gb Amaysim ($120) plan as they don’t give any discount for recharge and I found this.

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Lebara Mobile
Lebara Mobile


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    You can replace it with the $89 60GB Catch Connect or $109 120GB plan. Same Optus network as amaysim.

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      That’s my plan but I share if some one else need more Data in cheap price.

      • Lebara is on Vodafone network

        Many people wont go there due to bad experience with poor Vodafone coverage outside metro areas

      • true…need more of text/calls more than data as 60GB seems enough

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    Vodafone network. Not too bad for $10 a month but Vodafone network.

    • Vodafone OK if you only use in metro areas
      Otherwise stay well away!

  • Check you email (may be junk folder ) Amaysim usually send discount offers in email. I have received offer to recharge 60GB for $60 which is 50% off the price .

    • Haven't got Any . They sent me Last year, This year nothing.

    • is that for one yr?

      i want a <$60 plan for my secondary phones w a tiny bit of data

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        The cheapest plan currently is $87.50 for 100GB for 12 months on Ezysim.

      • U can Do Vodafone & Optus Switch over for Prepaid stater pack Pay as U go if U just not using as spare.

        • nah but i need like five or ten gb of data a mnth

    • Same, this year no renewal orders for me (or even any warning my plan was about to expire). Normal Amaysim marketing offers are coming through fine, I also just got a notification that the credit on my other sim is about to expire.

      • Just Switch. Coz $120 for 60 gb plan is not worth.
        Specially for Oz community…

        • I'm on the Woolies plan so for international calls included and data bank, its decent value

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    Kogan offers cheaper and more data options https://www.koganmobile.com.au/plans/mobile/

    • I was gonna say the same lol

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    I ended up going with Vodafone for $150. Came with $10 discount so $140 in total. 240gb with 5g.

  • Activate by 01/07/24

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      Activate by 19/08/24, offer ends 1/7/24.

  • Good deal. Does the data stack?

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      Yes, up to 200GB.

  • I don’t see why they limit you to 10gig a month that makes this a pay up front 12 month contract which is a bit dumb. Should be able to use all the data however I want as and when my circumstances change .

    • In your first month you have 50gb due to the bonus data. Any unused data rolls over to the next month. This is my understanding.

      • That's correct.

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