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Viva Paper Towel, White 12-Pack $16 ($1.33/Roll, $14.40 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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About this item

Viva Multi-Use Cleaning Towel - A Versatile, Absorbent And Durable Towel Ideal For A Wide Range Of Cleaning Jobs, Length Of The Paper Towel: 21Cm

Using Unique Technology Viva Cleaning Towel Has Deep Wave-Like Channels Within The Sheet To Provide All-In-One Absorbency, Thickness And Toughness

Package Weight: 4.0 kg

Country of Origin: Australia

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  • +1

    same price/sheet as the double length rolls on special in Coles this week if you miss out *with s/s discount. Dearer without.

  • +12

    Bought these in March for $12.96

    I think I'll wait or maybe stop using so many, used to get by perfectly fine without them.

  • Thanks op, down to my last roll so just in time!

  • Perfect timing thanks

  • +4

    Aldi sells 24-pack for about $16. Buy with Confidence. Even no need to wait a chunkier postie from Bezos!

    • Wow, no way!
      Aldi 24 pack vs Amazon 12 pack? for the same price?
      WIll pop this on my aldi list the next time around.

    • We are using aldi's one and no complain at all.

    • +3

      I'll be interested when Aldi starts doing deliveries.

    • +1

      Do they sell 24 pack? I only see 3 pack for $3 on their website.

    • +1

      Are you sure ? Never seen a 24 pack of paper towel at my local Aldis

    • +15

      bro, that's toilet paper.

      • +2

        It's also not even $16.

        Its $10.59 for the toilet paper 24 pack at aldi lol

        • +6

          Yeah exactly.

          But Aldi's double length paper towel 3 pack for $5.29 is still better value than this even after S&S.

          • @CVonC: Awesome thanks

            Scrolled down to look for this comment!

    • +2

      That's not for Viva though? If you are referring to Aldi's brand, they're a heap of shit that don't even soak up half as much…

  • +1

    Meh…Tuffy $3.50/3pk at Woolworths this week. Better paper towel IMO.

    • Personally I like these better…ribbed and more absorbent…but to each their own

      • -2

        Ribbed… for your pleasure

        • Swing… and a miss

  • max 2 for S and S

  • Perfect timing you're legend

  • Strike Pro(?) brand at Woolies is great if you like Viva paper towels. Not as cheap as this but if you just need to pick something up on a shop I think it’s one of the cheapest options.

  • Or 12 rolls of Handee for $1.92? I bought 10 packs so will last a while.

    • Clearance item from the warehouse?

      • Nope, was actually sold by Amazon AU. But OOS at time of purchase, mine was fulfilled about few weeks later. Was a pricing error.

        • +1

          Flexing with a price error on a regular "bargain" thread hey (:

          • @CVonC: It was posted several times I believe on the Amazon insufficient qty thread.

        • @I Smell Pennies How long ago was this Handee pricing error deal and how often it occurred?

          • @trixieb: I ordered early April, delivered end of May. It popped up several times for a while in March and April but then stopped popping up ever since.

  • +1

    Just curious why this gets so many votes, yet it's cheaper for Handee @ Woolies ($1.90 for a 2 pack)

    • I concur

    • Link is showing $3.85 for me. You should've posted your own deal when it was $1.90 WayneKerr

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