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3 x 60pk Finish Powerball Ultimate All in 1 Dishwashing Caps (180 Tablets) $55.80 + Delivery ($0 with OnePass) @ Catch


More expensive than using powder but less bending required (debate me). Good for the rich, lazy and / or old people.

31c per wash.

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    Good for the rich, lazy and old people.

    Well I'm out.

    • 2 out of 3 aint bad…

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    ALDI ones work just as well.

    • Yep. I had to switch from the 18 in 1 aldi tablets to the capsules. They're $11.99 for 48 delicious looking pods. 25c a wash. Saddened to see the premium tablets discontinued. They were the best. I’ve tried basically all the mainstream brands.

      • Logix platinum still available in many WA stores.

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      Bought Aldi ones last month and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

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        Which ones from aldi? Any specifics?

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      I have both of these in the kitchen cupboard right now - can confirm absolutely zero difference in results between the super cheap ALDI tablets and these expensive Finish pods in a BOSCH series 6 normal wash cycle.

      • Interesting! You mean their non-platinum ones, 12 in 1, I think?

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          both - using the platinum then when they went to their new ones for a little while and didn't notice any difference. It was mentioned the Platinum ones are discontinued but they seem to be back in stock in all our local ALDI's so back to the the Platinum now - though thinking should probably just stay on the cheaper ones as no difference that I can tell in results.

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    31c per wash.

    yep, stockpiled the aldi stuff. at 19c/tab

    hopefully the chemical shortages will end soon and the woolies Shine 18-in-1 will come back, they're awesome.

    • No expiry date on the chemicals used?

      • As long as they don't absorb moisture, not really

    • Nope with reject shop - 16 cents

      • Used to be around 13c or less ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Better than ultimate?

      • I found the Shine 18-in-1 to be in par with Finish Max in 1 Powerball (not sure they still exist). I found the cheaper finish tabs didn't clean as well, the Max & Shine ones cleaned pretty much everything, quantum did too but no discernible difference for the extra price.

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    Reject shop - classic(110tablets) 2 for 36

    • I agree. Those are my go-to. Pity they're not $15 each any more

      • I got thus 15 from cw lol

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        They do the job, I really don't notice any difference between these and more expensive brands. I think it helps to have a good, thorough dishwasher.

    • but the red ball is missing

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        Still can do the job

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    Best bang for Buck and also for performance is powder.

    Powder is better because you can just toss some powder into the dishwasher as a pre-wash.

    • 💯 I use the Aldi powder, sprinkle a bit in the dishwasher and half fill the holder on the door. Perfect wash every time. I find finish rinse aid the best tho.

    • How do you do that?

      Bu pre wash, do you mean the 15 mins pre rinse (not really a wash cycle)?

      All my wash cycles release the tablet (you can hear the little door flip open) a few mins after i start the dishwasher, so its basically still on the first batch of water if you get what i mean…

      It's a bosch series 4

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        Normally dishwashers run a rinse cycle first to get rid of the big chunks (and fancy ones check how dirty the water is supposedly)

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          One would have thought right? Mine doesn't.

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      I worked it out here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/15442206/redir
      Powder is about 0.08c* per wash.
      Basically 3x cheaper than tablets.

      *This is ASSUMING powder is at the same concentration levels as the tablets.

      • $0.08 or 0.08c?

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    Viva la Powder

  • Where to get powder from?

  • I was comparing this to Costco sale which has the ultimate pro on sale but that’s $0.3699 a tablet which unless pro gives you something awesome, I guessing this isn’t worth it buying yeah?

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    “The downside is that most PVA does not break down and disappear. Instead, these manmade materials change into smaller micro-bits of plastic that you can’t see. They are so small that they wash down the drain. Then the particles wind up in our environment, contributing to plastic pollution. It’s been calculated that detergent pods contribute to 8,000 tons of PVA that goes into the environment annually. To give some context, that equates to 600 million plastic soda bottles worth of plastic, yearly”

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      But old lazy rich people love them. Which means they make a lot of money. So you can't do anything about it like banning these products otherwise you offend freedom™

  • How do these ones compare to the Coles caps?

  • Coles tablets work for me.

  • Looking for recommendations on softening salt (sodium chloride) for hard water, . Everything I can find is 20kg for pool salt, which may work as long as its big granules, but 20kg for a dishwasher is… heheh

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      water filter

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