expired Coleman Hideaway 7 Dome Tent $159 + Delivery


Doorbuster have the Coleman Hideaway 7 Dome tent on special for $159 + delivery, delivery was just under $20 to Brisbane.

I have this tent (paid about $300) and it is good, once you have the hang of it set up is pretty easy. Quality is good for the price, we used it for a family of 5 for about 2 years of regular camping and it has done well, although the poles are now starting to split which is unfortunately common with this style tent.

Cheapest I could find on the web was $198 on ebay.

Doorbuster are part of the Woolworths group and I can tell you from experience their customer support is excellent.

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    Good tent to make the missus happy enough to camp..
    Very good price, BUT it is a very heavy tent when packed (around 20kgs).


    OP how have you found this tent with regards to weather?

    Im looking into one atm but its always a regular thing is how well it stands in the rain,
    (I know it water proof rating but want your personal experience if possible :) Thanks OP )

    For anyone interested good view of the tent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWEq-Bp1zWY

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    Woolworths every day rewards card brings it to $143.10 + postage.

    "Spend $100 or more in a single transaction and get a further 10% OFF. Simply enter your Everyday Rewards Number below and click update. Offer valid until the 31st December, 2012."


      I'm trying to buy it now with this discount. But I get this when I try to apply the discount: "Everyday Rewards offer does not apply to the products in your cart." (this tent is the only item in my cart).
      In fact after trying to add a few other items to my cart. I can't seem to find any items which this "offer" applies to. Nor can I find any terms and conditions for this offer.


        It works for me. Discount $15.90.

        I have Everyday Rewards junk mail. It says:
        "10% off at Door Buster when you spend $100 or more. Offer ends Sunday 2 December. Don't forget. This offer has been selected especially for you, cardholder 9344419406154, and can be redeemed as many times as you like."

        Perhaps the junk mail allows discounts on a wider range.


    Thankfully I have a house to live in.


    yay, cheap house. this will be a big upgrade over my cardboard box inner city penthouse.

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