Question about the Onix 7" 16GB Android Tablet from Aldi

Hi just wondering if anyone knows if the Onix 7" 16GB Android Tablet from Aldi for $99.99 is any good, On sale as of the 5th of December*

Here is the link to view it.



    RK2906 based tablet — it should be fine for browsing websites, and playing some simple 2d games.

    There is more discussion here:


    thanks for the comments will look into getting another tablet.

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    don't see why it cant play angry birds… i have an aldi tablet (10') with very similar specks, and it plays angry birds. I think it is fabulous for the price. Anyway as with ALL aldi stuff …. buy it … take it home … install angry birds (i bet it will play) and if it does not OR for any other reason you don't like it just take it back for a refund. They have a no questions 60 day return policy as long as you don't destroy the original packaging…


      I was specifically talking about the Rockchip RK2906 CPU with Vivante GC800 GPU. Mine was MSI Enjoy 10 with RK2918 (which is the same as RK2906 but with HDMI output), and I'm quite disappointed with the game compatibility.

      I have other older tablets and they are just slow when playing games. RK29xx is not too bad as a single core CPU but most recent games would just crash upon launch. Angry Birds for example — original, Seasons, Rio would work, but Space and Star Wars wouldn't.

      The 10" Aldi might be using a different CPU. Allwinner A10/A13 would probably be better single core budget CPUs as they use Mali-400. But true, 60 days return policy from Aldi is also good so you can always try out.


      The newer versions of Angry Birds have increased CPU requirements, hence refusing to run on older tablets.


    Onix 7" 16GB Android Tablet from Aldi

    My daughter was sent this tablet for xmas, she only received it today in the mail….we have charged it up for hours and all we can get is a white screen,blank white, will ring the tempo office tomorrow but just incase this is a fixable problem iv posted in here, hoping maybe someone has an answer.

    xx Cheryl

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