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Johnnie Walker King George V & FREE Johnnie Walker Blue - $499.99! Free Delivery


Received an ebays deals email that seems a pretty decent bargain if you're looking for a high end Scotch whiskey deal.

Usually the King George V is at least $499, and usually more, plus you need to pay for delivery.

Getting free delivery and a full size bottle of Blue Label is a definite bargain.

Very tempted to treat myself with this one. Not tried either of these whiskys due to the their price.

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  • You're better off waiting till you travel and go duty free. However, good deal for local. I don't know of I'd trust delivery on such good scotch though !!!

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      …maybe he/she/it doesn't travel.

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        Wouldn't cool it "such good scotch" there's better single malts out there for half the price.

        I can only comment on Blue Label but it was a let down for what your paying

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          I agree with you

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          I agree. I'm my opinion there are way better and cheaper single malts. Highland park 12yo being my fave. But this is definately a bargain if you like this stuff.

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          I think comments on quality or taste on drinks are fairly pointless. It's a bargain or it isn't, everything else is subjective :)

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          Your statement is true for votes. However, comments on quality & taste should be encouraged, not discouraged.

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          Perhaps, I just wonder if there are better places to research comments on taste or reviews by pros. If I'm looking for comments on the bargain-ess in here it's hard to find them in these alcohol threads from all the noise of, 'this scotch isn't worth $20, this beer taste like $hit and the like.

          Then again maybe a heads up that one should have a read around might be useful to many :)

        • Totally agree with you. I cannot understand why people pay so much for blends when you can buy single malts for much less that blow them away.

        • I think opinions are perfectly suited to the comment's. It's a bargain without a doubt but people who are just getting into the world of scotches should think twice and hopefully opinions here in the comment's lead people to do more research on leading tasting websites.

          Either way this is a bargain and scotch is simply one of those personal choices on what you like.

          I would enjoy:


          Over my bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label if I was drinking blends.

          I bought a bottle of:


          On my way through Duty free and am thoroughly enjoying it

      • maybe when Tiger offers $10 flights overseas. :D Scoot is alright for now.

    • The excise on this is the same as any other bottle of spirits, maybe $25. Also, there is the same 15% duty and GST you have on other things. If it is less than $400 duty free, the Australian price must be a rip-off.

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      It's not much better duty free, I just bought a bottle. I paid $480 for same deal.

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    This will go great with those whiskey stones I bought the other day.

  • In the blurb: "Please Note: product has been decoded. If you have any concerns, please email for details".

    What are they on about?

    Oh, and this is handy http://www.esquire.com/features/drinking/scotch-pronunciatio…

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    Is it worth spending so much money on a glorified blended whiskey? I know it's a ''blended malt''

    It seems like you can get some great tasting blends for a far more reasonable price. And then move to quality single malts when your wallet loosens up.

    I'm enjoying some green label right now though, delicious!

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      People on this site seem to have a strange idea about the difference between singles and blends.

      Single malt whiskies are not automatically good, nor expensive. There are some really cheap, really nasty singles out there. And there are some exceptionally good ones, no doubt.

      But single malts are very regional, and have the flavour profile of their location.

      The art of blending is to get a broader array of flavours and characters, carefully and balanced, to give a drinking experience that can't be had from any single source.

      Each single malt is like a single colour.
      A good blend is like a rainbow.
      A bad blend is like what happens when you mix colours together and it makes brown.

      Any idiot can buy up the unwanted dregs from a few D-list distilleries, mix it with a bit of grain whisky and put it in a bottle for $29.95 RRP. It takes a master to select and blend the exact whiskies he needs to achieve the flavour balance he wants.

      That's why a seriously good blend costs much more than a mediocre single malt.

      But by all means, go out there and drink up all the rubbish single malts. Leaves more premium blends for me :-)

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        Thanks arrogant snob!

        Didn't really need the information session, I am well aware of the different profiles of whiskeys in the various regions of Scotland and other locations, and I'm fully aware of what a blended whiskey is and the variance between grain and pure malt blends.

        All i'm reading is a bunch of blah, blah, whiskey snob power struggle ridiculously obvious statements. Congratulations. But just try to enjoy your whiskey and try not to let the obvious power fluctuations go to your head.

        Oh and by the way, out of the 17 bottles I own, just 2 of them are single malts. And one of those single malts is terrible.

        • Hey, you're the one referring to these as "glorified blended whiskies" and inferring that singles are "moving up".

          Whisky snob power struggles? Whatever. I'll keep enjoying my JW black thanks. A better drop than many singles that sell for triple the price… for my palate.

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          Fair enough then, I'll concede as I wrote that poorly out of haste and with a probable lack of knowledge.

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    No way would I buy scotch like this on eBay. Not with the number of fakes available in China:

    "Fake Johnnie Walker is so prevalent that Diageo, the brand’s parent company, has teams in China that spot-check bottles to insure that they are legit."


    • I've seen fake Johnny Walker Red and Black being sold at a major supermarket chain in Beijing.

      • same in africa

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        Who on earth would make a fake Johnny Walker Red. The shit they make in prison toilets is better!

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          Been there, done that?

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          Boom tish

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    Awesome deal

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    Think I prefer Lagavulin 7 days a week. JW just doesn't do it.

  • Johnnie Walker King George V, $599.99 per bottle in DM, i think $499.99 for it with a free Blue is a good deal, bought one pack on myself, hope they are not fake ones.

  • These guys are bloody awesome. I bought some Hendrick's Gin a few weeks ago, I got it within two days, no problems, perfectly packaged etc.

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    Given up on cheap rubbish - Iwant this instead


    Seriously though, if you have 10 minutes to spare have a look at the video - awesome.

    By the way I was joking about "cheap rubbish".

  • I am not sure about king george V. But i bought a blue label 750ml from Sydney duty free 2 weeks back for $179.

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    How does it go with Coke?


  • No JV in the comments?

    Hope the dude's not ill!

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