expired Brands Exclusive and Living Exclusive Free $10 Voucher Code


Found while searching googles
$10 discount to spend on Brands Exclusive
Delivery is $9.90 so you could consider it a free shipping code

There a under $15 shoe sale ending today and a under $10 shoe sale that's nearly sold out

Can be used on both Brands Exclusive and Living Exclusive which are same company and you can use same username and password for both.

Only things is you need to sign up to the website before you can view their sales
If you would like to use my referral link to sign up, it would be most appreciated 

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    Shipping is actually $9.90

    So it is basically a free shipping code…

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    Is there anything on the website for 10 cent?


    Thanks for the code.


    I wouldn't buy from these guys again.. Bad customer service and they take forever to send your gear.



      They take their time… yes. But their processes are clearly explained and you won't find the same prices on quality stuff anywhere else, not with the regularity anyway. Give and take.

      I don't understand this need to have the item days within purchase.. who cares? Unless of course you're an impulse buyer, in which case you probably should be re-evaluating your reason for buying anyway.


        Maybe ask a few more questions before accusing me of being impatient. My wife ordered some items 5 weeks before going on holiday with the intent of bringing them. They didn't arrive. 2 weeks holiday later and back from our trip they still had not come. Enjoy sitting by your letter box


    Brandsexclusive is a bit of a hit and miss. They have some good sales events but their delivery times really vary… some people seem to get their purchases soon after ordering while others have waited for 4 to 6 weeks.

    I don't expect my order to arrive within days of purchase when I order from them but the frustrating part is that there is no way of knowing how long the order will take to arrive when you purchase (the "estimated delivery time" they provide with your order details is not accurate from my experience).

    They posted on their facebook page that they been having warehouse issues recently which has delayed the delivery times. My order was affected (finally arrived yesterday after 5 weeks!), but they were nice enough to add a $10 voucher to your account if you were affected.

    You will see lots of people asking about their orders on the Brandsexclusive facebook page as well and some have waited over 6 weeks. They have pretty good response rate to facebook posts (they will call or email you) but if you're asking how much longer it will take for delivery, their answers are usually quite unhelpful (they told me to keep waiting as they don't know how the warehouse is going or offer to cancel your order if you can't wait any longer).


    I bought a pair of undies.. It's around the same price as regular undies, but since the code cancels the shipping and I'm too lazy to go into bricks and mortar stores I decided to go with it.


    I emailed brandsexclusive to apply the shop10 discount to one of my current orders and they've asked for me to send through the email with the code. Do you know where the shop10 discount came from?


    Code doesnt work… the worst online site ever. Last time I bought something it took 4 weeks to ship out… terrible. Most online places ship next day. Even COTD is better and that is saying something LOL.