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$899 US Canon 650D (T4i) + 18-135 STM + 40mm Pancake STM Lens @ B&H Photo + Shipping (~ $67US)


The T4i rebel (650D) is a great entry level kit.

Essentially you are getting the pancake lens for free.

For those who havent shopped at B&H before the service is impressive, last week my order was shipped to Perth within 3 business days using their "standard"delivery by UPS.

Also good to pick up all your camera accessories, for start their Sandisk Extreme cards are cheap.

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    How do you get $899?

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    Don't you mean Canon Rebel T4i (EOS 650D)?


    Note that (unless I'm going blind) this does not qualify for the current $100 Canon Australia cash back promo… (https://www.canon.com.au/cashback/retailers)

    Separately, does anyone know if Canon Australia will provide warranty service on non-Aussie retailer purchases like this? I suspect not…

    Edit: OP - Where did the camera ship from? B&H is US based, so 3 days to Perth is impressive if the pkg came from New York!


      Seems the norm these days for good US outlets.. ordered 5 x 3TB hdd's from these guys and I swear it was here in less than 3 days. Our postal system is so inefficient in comparison.


      Yes New York!

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    Who wants to buy multiple items …make sure the total item cost and shipping charge stays below $1000, unless you want to receive a surprise custom tax.


    Not bad price, however if you are traveling overseas you can get the same deal here. Teds or JB can be pushed a bit bellow the $999 price for the 18-135 kit, you will get $100 off from Canon and you would get ~$90 back GST. The pancake can be had for ~$160…
    BTW - JB is currently running a promotion (at last at Hornsby) to give you Canon 3yr care pack for free!
    Great all round camera for the price either way :-)

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