Anyone used forwarding service of Shipito? Please help

I attempted to forwarding a Lenovo X230 in use of service of Shipito. My account deposits is less than $10,a automated window poped-up saying a mailout fees will be charged when my order comes in. Does anybody knows what the mailout fees is? Also, how did Shipito know which express company that I prefer to use? Should I notice them or automatic chooses by Shipito?
Any answers I appreciate.

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  • use this

    it will list the mailing options you have to chose from

    they will send you an email when they received your package, giving you an option to choose which shipping method you want to use

    I thought that if you are not a member (whatever you call it), it's 8.50 on top of shipping charge to send it to australia

    • What he said ^^

      Shipito offer a range of shipping services (at cost) including USPS (the cheapest and slowest). They usually add $8.50 on top of the shipping cost.

      If you buy any small items in the future, make sure that you have automatic forwarding for envelopes selected. This reduces the forwarding fee to only a dollar.

      • The interesting thing is TNT/DHL charge less shipping costs than USPS in no sales tax state.

  • Yeah there TNT/DHL rates are pretty good, and generally cheaper then USPS for anything above 500gm

  • re Shipito if your worried about using them;;;

    I just used Shipito for the first time after buying a whole batch of stuff from Walmart, Walmart posted the items for free and they were all bargain clearance items so very very cheap. Anyway I was really scared / nervous about using Shipito but it all went really smoothly and pretty straight forward.
    USE the calculator, but make sure you have a good idea on the measurements of the parcel you are first sending on to shipito - sometimes you can browse Amazon and find parcel/package measurements so use them to enter into the calculator for a good idea on how much that item will then cost to get from shipito to your Aussie address.

    Also I topped up my account previous to items coming in, I paid for the yearly account for consolidation and just as well because Walmart sent the items individually as they became available BUT if your only going to use!

    I received emails from Walmart to let me know items had been despatched and then received emails when they had arrived the next day at Shipito, it was all smooth.

    Once I knew all parcels arrived I selected consolidation and then selected my choice of post - TNT Express - as they were the one most recommended to me over at WP forums and other places. It was all worth it, 2 days later my parcels arrived!

    I will use them again, but only for very very cheap items or items I know I cannot get hold of here ;-)

    • What stuff did you buy from Walmart?

      I was looking at car leather cleaning kit but I think it will cost more to ship.

  • That's one thing I don't like about Shipito. They show great shipping rates on their calculator, but then you have to pay a stupid mailout fee of $8.50 for each box.

    Why don't they just add this $8.50 towards the shipping cost and not even bother showing a "mailout fee" to begin with???

    Very frustrating when you see a good shipping rate and then have to include this "mailout fee" for each shipment.

  • I've used them to buy a watch on Amazon that wouldn't ship to Australia. Can only speak highly of them. They were excellent.

  • unfortunately not a good experience for me; my box arrived wet and the contents damp. It was a pair of jeans so water doesn't really affect it but the paper tags were soaked through and damaged.

    • The box could have gotten wet anywhere between the original mailer and your place though.

      • true but auspost has never been very sloppy with my parcels so i think it might have been whichever postal company shipitto used.

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