It's not coming out of your pocket, so why do you care?

I just wanted to get your opinions…

Do you ever get scabby checkout chicks/guys?

The ones that are sticklers for the rules, even though it's not their money nor do they own the business!

People at the checkout, who work for $15.90 an hour or less, will not let you redeem a voucher for free small chips or whatever because you didn't present you voucher immediately befire they rung up the Sale. I mean, small chips cost them like 0.19cents. Or like the place here in Sydney CBD that wont let you have free dumplings even though it clearly sys on the Voucher - 'Free Dumpling'. I mean, its like 5 cents!

Why are non-owners so petty?

Seriously, why do they care? They don't own the business. It's not their money.

What scabby expriences have you had?


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    Where are these 5c dumpling places?

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      Heck, I"m more interested in the

      small chips cost them like 0.19cents

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    I think rules are rules & you either abide by them or you don't - unless the owners have given you the luxury to exercise your own better judgement, otherwise you're merely just doing what you've been told & paid to do.

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      Thats all very draconian. If they were genuine, they wouldn't care about what point you present your voucher. People that never toe the line never really think for themselves at how those rules can be so ridiculous.

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    Maybe, they want to have a job or keep there job.
    The profit the business makes pays for there wages.

    I don't why you felt it necessary to post their wage.

    Your post is probably why business owners work their business 24/7.

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      Who's wage, dude?

      $15.90 is minimum wage for everyone!

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        I don't know a single place that actually pays $15.96/hr. Woolies pays like $19.50/hr IIRC. Regardless, just because they don't make as much money as other people doesn't mean they don't value their job…

        Maybe they have a reason not to give you your precious $0.20 saving - company policy, perhaps, or maybe you were too slow? Maybe they don't give a shit about you saving money, because you clearly think less of someone who probably earns less than you (hence your posting of their wage twice)

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          As a cadet manager at KFC I was getting $15.75 and I was happy with that. Sad but true.

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          It's the intrinsic value of the job title more than anything else.

          Feels good to be the head honcho at your local fast food joint bossing all those 14yr old kids around?

          Buy a box of cigars and whiskey and sit in your executive suite like a king - whilst you 'supervise' the robots on the factory floor.

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        Exactly, so what's your point? If they only get paid $15.90, what incentive do they have to mess around with the system so that the voucher correctly appears in the accounts?

        Typically, the best time to present a coupon is when they ask "Was there anything else?" just before they ring up the sale.

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          this thread is one of the most deluded anywhere

          if someone is one minimum wage they have a loyalty to do right by the shop… you want to keep on the good side of the shop by following store procedure and keeping their interests in mind

          the customer really isnt that important

          here's a way to look at it… if you work for Apple or Coles or any big company, its a privilege to work there… the employment market as it is

          do you want to jeopardise your job by bending the rules for a customer?

          who has most to lose? my job or your piddly request for chips

          big companies can afford to lose or piss off a customer, people cant afford to lose their jobs

  • It's not coming out of your pocket, so why do you care?

    The first thought I had when I read this was GPs/dentists that charge more when you are claiming on insurance. Which is not the topic, but I'm going to rant about it anyway.

    This practice drives the price up for everyone. Then drives up everyone's premiums. Then stops those without insurance being about to afford a check up which was once free.

    • Exactly right. Stupid,eh?

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      I had to get a quote for repairing a damaged camera.

      Telefix charges $44 for an "insurance letter" that says the item is damaged, this is how much it costs to repair it.

      That's on top of the repair quote and labour charge.

      I ended up having to pay $176 upfront. I mentioned $44 is a lot for a letter, they said you can usually just claim it back from the insurer.

      Basically if an insurance company is involved, dollar signs appear in people's eyes.

      • Obviously you have never had to supply an "insurance letter" as you put it to a customer.

        In my expereince, nearly all of the time, the insurance company makes a follow up call to the repairer to ask other questions, or just to confirm what has been said in the report (sometimes there are 4 or 5 calls). Should the company you have taken the item to do this for free?

        • I worked for a company where I had to write an "insurance letter" for the client's insurance company.

          We were never called.

          Earlier this year I needed an "insurance letter" for a phone that was water-damaged. Vodafone provided it free of charge.

          Obviously follow-up calls don't happen all the time, and they don't necessarily cost $44.

      • You'd think it ws drafted by a lawyer…

    • Not speaking for all GPs and dentist but I would try to keep out of pocket charges for patients on the low side. When I give a quote before treatment, I would drop some charges if I know the patient is forking everything out of pocket.

      We pay an insane insurance rate (well into the 5 figures) and are usually taken for suckers because insurance is mandatory. So whenever we get a chance to reimburse ourselves from the very scheme that is robbing us, you bet we'll take the deal.

      Besides, you really think your premium won't go up just because we don't max out your insurance? If they run a big profit on that year, the CEO gets a 8 figure bonus and your premium goes up all the same.

      • We pay an insane insurance rate (well into the 5 figures) and are usually taken for suckers because insurance is mandatory. So whenever we get a chance to reimburse ourselves from the very scheme that is robbing us, you bet we'll take the deal.

        Isn't this liability insurance and thus completely unrelated?

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          They all operate on the same principles. Vehicle, home, liability, personal, health…. It all boils down to milking us, the faceless population. Different criminal, same crime. Different toilet, same shit.

          When it's my turn to do the #2, I don't care which toilet…

          P/S. free checkups were covered by Medicare. They weren't really free. Some GPs are still happy to bulk bill, some are not. Depends on how long their appointments take and their rental + overheads. For a dentist, Medicare doesn't reimburse us. Overheads alone run into >$70/hr typically and if we rush an exam, we are liable for anything we miss.

        • Different criminal, same crime. Different toilet, same shit.

          Asside from the fact I completely dissagree with your attitude about insurance, are you really suggesting that it is acceptable for party A to accept blame/punishment for party B? Next time the police investigate a crime, might as well just pull in the nearest person they don't like, no point in finding out who actually did it.

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          I'll just agree to disagree. I can see your point and I believe my point is valid too. I am not trying to fight the system, merely trying to keep out of pocket costs low. It is a courtesy we do. We never charge (at least I never do) more than the original quote (excluding the rare occasion of complications, which I have provided an estimate for before treatment). We can always charge full price and press for full financial reimbursement from our patients, but we let their insurance company cop it as best we can, then we try to drop as much out of pocket charges. It will be a vast over simplification to just say shoot A because B. Perhaps I did make it sound that way and that lends a measure of rewording.

          Back to a more fundamental issue, the cost of healthcare is on the rise because the general cost of living is rising. The cost of insurance premiums go up for reasons already mentioned. The inability to afford treatment is a sad reality that I try to address with volunteer work and wavered fees. And once again, check-ups were never free.

      • On Reddit, there was some talk about why hospital/medical quotes are so high unless the medical provider knows you are paying it out of your own pocket.

        It came down to insurance companies rarely paying the full quoted amount, so medical providers inflate their cost so that the insurance companies will pay enough to cover the actual cost.

        Bear in mind, this was about american health insurance. I can't find the original reddit submission.

        • It happens in Australia too. Some practitioners will put down non-tangible, non-quantifiable services to try and max out the insurance payout for the patients treatment. The practitioner doesn't directly benefit from it as the bottom line stays the same. It is considered fraud but it happens for the benefit of the less financially able. I don't do it as the risk is not worth it but I respect those go that extra mile for someone.

          It happens on a much smaller scale here as the insurance policies here are also scaled down as all non-elective surgery and a lot of elective surgery is paid for by tax-payers.

          And it is a well known fact insurance companies never let you have the full amount without you jumping through flaming hoops of flaming unicorns first.

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    Maybe because there's a boss watching?

    Also by your argument security guards should let anybody through since they it's not their money and they don't own the business, and so forth for other jobs.

    Next time why not appeal to the next level up? You might find that if you ask nicely they might bend the rule a bit.

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        So because you ask nicely they should do what you ask? and if they don't, be rude to them? You got issues mate.

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          Could you kindly open the cash register and empty all the money into this bag for me please, im asking nicely so please bend the rules just this once.

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          'OK', we heard what you said, now 'GO' ;)

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          your type are always rude, and dont think the staff arent thinking things about you they arent prepared to say:)

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          No wonder they don't click the back button to apply your voucher, you sound like a total knob.

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    they are probably sick of stingey people who try and get something for nothing when they are not entitled to it.

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    Okgo, you wouldn't have this problem if you were an attractive young girl trying to get some chips or dumplings from a checkout dude - or an attractive male, trying to get chips from a checkout chick.

    Of course, being attractive + scabbing free chips or dumplings is usually inversely related…so I don't think this actually works….

    • No, I don't think they are actually related at all.

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    I guess you will never understand the satisfaction they receive when that smug is wiped off your face

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    If you act like a timid small creature that feels like he/she is scabbing something they shouldn't be then the staff can negatively interpret your body language and hassle you potentially.

    If you walk in like james bond with class and style, speak in a high british accent and demand the "free chips" like you owned it before they were born you will find that their behaviour will be much more appeasing and compliant.

    • If you walk in like james bond with class and style, speak in a high british accent and demand the "free chips" like you owned it before they were born you will find that their behaviour will be much more appeasing and compliant.

      Love it!

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    I was in Woolworths at Town Hall the other day and needed a bigger bag for something large I bought there as the normal ones didn't fit. I asked the girl nicely if I could possibly have one of their garbage bags which I could see clearly which were the same grey plastic as the other ones, and she went ballistic! she was quite abusive and offensive too, I was shocked and even the manager was shocked as to why she reacted like that for a simple request. I think she thought the bags were her personal property and didn't want anyone else to have one.

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      Go Self check-out! It means you can take as many extra bags as you need for bin liners!
      plus all your truss tomatoes will be regular ones!

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        plus all your truss tomatoes will be regular ones!

        …which would be theft.

    • plz tell me the manager who shocked by this did offer u the garbage bag.

      Sounds like someone just had a very bad day, or that someone has deeper problems in the head.

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    I'd like to live in OKgo's world,

    First fill up car, tell dude behind counter hey it's not your money so I score free fuel.
    2nd Grab some lunch, tell the lady who serves me, hey it's not your money, get free lunch.
    3rd Grab my weekly shopping, tell the person at coles, don't sweat it, it's not your money.

    What a great day, $300 worth of goods, all free, because it wasn't their money.

    OKgo, this isn't the dumbest post I've read, but it's a contender.

    What's that quote from clerks, just because we serve you, doesn't mean we like you.

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      im not even supposed to be here today?:p

    • Please post as a bargain

  • Back when my ex was going through his religious phase, I studied the Christian bible. Somewhere in the new testament, there is instruction for Christians to rip off their employers by destroying evidence of debts owed to their employers by random other people and to give goods away for free. I am sure someone will come up with the citation and perhaps tell me I am wrong, but I remember being livid about this attitude and quizzing the brainwashers about it. They basically said that it was written so that the ones who benefited would look after you when you no longer had a job. When I remember it, I still get angry.

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      This parable is in Luke. It is searchable by googling dishonest or shrewd manager.

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        The first link I read when I googled shrewd manager like you suggested had this write-up as context. Copied and pasted for your reference. In a nutshell, the manager had previously acted for his own benefit, artificially marking-up the debt the debtors owed his employer. So when he reduced the amount of debt, he was actually correcting what he had done wrong. So, he wasn't cheating his employer, more that he was no longer cheating the debtors like he had done before.

        A manager is being fired by his master. Told to bring the books into balance before turning them over for a final accounting, he faces a serious situation. He’s too old for manual labor and too proud for welfare, so he asks his master’s debtors to come in and review their accounts with him. In private meetings he has the debtors write down their accounts to a more favorable amount. In so doing he earns points with both the debtors and his master. How could this be?

        It was against Mosaic Law for Israelites to charge one another interest on credit extended (Deut. 23:19), but many merchants got around this restriction by overcharging for goods and services, taking excess profits in lieu of interest. (You can see a current example in the auto business. That 0% financing you got is really a loan whose interest is paid by the manufacturer out of excess profits added to the price of vehicles specifically for the purpose of funding such incentives.)

        The manager had apparently dealt unfairly with the master’s debtors, tacking on excess profits in lieu of interest. From the story, there’s no indication the master either instigated or condoned any over charging. Its discovery may even be one of the reasons for the manager’s sudden loss of position. Perhaps he was using these add-ons to compensate for the losses of which he was being accused.

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      The Christian Bible is not that easy to comprehend in some parts. That's why people spend their lives studying it and writing concordances. Perhaps it's a good idea to seek one out before you get angry.

      • Yep, ain't context grand?

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      Why are you bringing religion into this?

  • this sounds/feels like another thread ripe for the 'help me get out of a texting fine' thread. hmmmmmm

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    here is a thought, maybe their boss are genuinely wodnerful and great people and they like working for them, so they are interested in doing the right thing by them by not just giving things away when its not warranted?

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    Firstly I'm a retail worker, if presented with a coupon or anything of the sort I'd read the terms and conditions to make sure it was eligible to be put through. Most customers are usually fine if theirs isn't valid but I've had some who ask me to put it through anyways. Abiding with their request is blatant abuse of my responsibility as a staff member, to what, break rules and risk penalty (possibly even my job) in order to please a stranger?

    Now if they can use it that's cool, the system we have is pretty easy in that you can apply it anytime in the transaction. I especially dislike those customer service people who grumble because they have to push a few buttons to redo the transaction as a membership card/voucher can only be used at the start. Got raged at a Priceline once because I couldn't find my card until after they scanned everything. Absolute crap service.

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    The OP reminds of hearing a personal account of Woolworth's dairy and meat department workers discounting $10/kg products to 50c/kg and handing it to their friends to buy. When a manager caught the worker their excuse was the food was almost expired and needed to be sold off cheap. Two problems: the discount was ridiculous, and the product wasn't offered to everyone, only to the worker's friend. The worker was fired.

    Technically the worker was 'following the rules' by discounting near expired food, but it was still fraud.

    • +1

      good to hear, if that behavour was acceptable other workers may even withhold good stock from the public, just to say to their managers, its not selling, and sell it to a friend.

    • +12

      Did your friend later get a job at Dick Smith?

      • Lol

      • I don't know why people are still butt-hurt about the gaming sale… Build a bridge and get over it.

        • Wasn't it Harvey Norman that cocked up teh gaming sale?

  • Just as a customer I must put in a GOOD word for my local supermarket: ALDI, Franklin Street, Melbourne. The staff are fantastic .. and of course so is the value. THANK YOU ALDI PEOPLE :)

    • that's an Exception,
      Everyone knows Aldi staff are the Rudest,

      Aldi has the world's most rude and careless staff imho (With the sole exception of the post office , maybe)

      Of course value is great if you get in when the industrial close down sale opens..

      • +2

        laziest too…they get to sit there rather than like coles or woolies, MUST STAND!

        • -2

          Dude, those "sitting" staff are also the store manager, who moves stock around with their bare hands. Most ALDI's have only 2 or 3 staff per shift for the whole store!

  • All we need is one day a year that it is legal to show people like OP what the world thinks of them.

    • +4

      The poor kid has to be there putting up with OP as that is his/her job and if he/she wants their minimum wage then that's what they've got to do or they may well loose their job/income.
      On the other hand OP doesn't have to be there making this persons existence a misery and appears to not value money as much as standing over someone else for greater self importance.
      When did respect become the exception and not the rule.

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    In all fairness to the OP, I do get waiters/waitresses that refuse coupons/vouchers simply because "you were meant to inform us of your intention to use the coupons before booking" deal. Get that a lot from group buy coupon deals going around. I used to inform them over the phone that I am using the coupon and was met with bad news of full bookings. So I changed my tactics and just present the coupon before I order or use a service.

    Now, there are places that seem uninterested, unhappy even, to serve coupon users. Why sell coupons if you don't want the customer? I had one place that has been telling me they are fully booker for a few weeks now and I will be going away soon, during which the coupon will expire. They also tell me I must mention the intention to use the coupon when making a booking. The next time I see a coupon deal with the condition of informing my intention to use a coupon before making a booking (I understand if they don't want me to book at peak times, so I will honor that) I will make it my pet peeve to have them suffer ridiculous "terms and conditions" on my end.

    Ps. If you can't follow simple instructions on when to present a coupon and have to stir up the issue of low-wages to throw your weight, you shouldn't even be employed.

  • +2

    If I was the person at the counter I would deny OP the coupon because at the end of the day my boss will back me for doing my job, I get to screw with you and you still don't get your goods which you are willing to embarrass yourself over

    • But often valid coupons are denied because
      A) the person serviing isn't aware of the promotion
      B) they are trying to be difficult.

    • +1

      It's more the business which is embarrassing themselves over being petty with their coupon.

  • +5

    I mean, like, whatever.

    Whatever your job, try to do it well, which can encompass according with reasonable 'rules' imposed by your employer.
    Whoever you're dealing with, try to be polite & respectful.

    The checkout chick/dude was probably just seeking to go with the first point.
    You appear to have failed to accord with the second point.

    Being rude to retail staff is piss weak, given they are constrained to act professionally. Pull that crap on the street, and you'd probably encounter a very different response.

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      Being rude to retail staff is piss weak, given they are constrained to act professionally. Pull that crap on the street, and you'd probably encounter a very different response.


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    I guess they are all doing their job.
    If it was your own business and one of your employees was doing the same you wouldnt feel the same.

    Checkout chicks are not given the authority to make the call….

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    IMO, unless it is explicitly mentioned that the voucher has to be presented before the sale, the check-out person needs to honour it; no excuses whatsoever.

    I get that it is quite annoying having to go back and put the sale through again (and be polite about it), but such is the nature of the job. There is a reason it's called a "shit-kicker" job (no offence intended). The pay is recompense for serving the customers, and all the crap that comes with it, and dealing with it in the best way possible.

    That said, OP, as a functioning member of society, is obligated to be polite to the check-out person and apologise for causing a hassle (not act like a pompous entitled ass).

  • +14

    I'm still working in a minimum wage job, and there are several reasons why register staff would not change prices, or honour coupons after a sale has been put through.

    Firstly, and especially in larger businesses, there is a hierarchy, wherein register staff first must gain approval from a supervisor, who must gain approval from management so as to modify a price or otherwise, as the stock is monitored for shrinkage. Responsibility must always be passed on, as there is endless coaching if a mistake is made.

    Secondly, as stock is monitored, it must go through the system as being sold, thus no longer on hand. Personally, I have no experience with fast food businesses, but there may be a tracking system for weight of products sold, or an allocated amount to write off for a certain time period. Regardless, some processes must be followed, and sometimes it legitimately is too late to present a voucher for redemption.

    Thirdly, it often provides more hassle for the customer, with the archaic systems put in place in most large stores. Often a refund will have to be provided, followed by a re-purchase, typically (in my experience) further angering the customer.

    From my experiences in a large department store, we attempt to provide discounts as much as possible, within our power. These discounts are provided through handing out (or scanning without being requested) vouchers, most of which are allocated by head office to encourage further spending.

    Some staff, I'm sure, are aggressive toward customers, but certainly the majority are extremely professional, and it upsets me to see people speaking in a derogatory fashion to minimum wage workers, whether they are upset at slightly incompetent service or otherwise, and it annoys me especially when people state that they are superior to us. You would not believe the number of times I've been told by a customer I should treat them better, or provide a discount, because I'm worthless, and they earn $50+ an hour, therefore they must know more about my job than me!

    Personally, I follow the rules, and give customers as good an experience as is within my power, providing discounts where allowed, and kindly explaining why I can't do something a customer requested, if the situation arises.
    Speaking as a minimum wage worker, I would not bend the rules, as I would like to keep my job, albeit on minimum wage, as retail/fast food hospitality is flexible work, and is a great starting point that may be entered into with no qualifications to speak of.

    • +2

      Thanks for that AlexD.

      That was an excellent post that gives a lot of insight into the "backend constraints" behind the issue being discussed. I earnestly believe that a truly "pleasurable customer experience" requires both sides to do their best and be accommodating. As a result, I've rarely ever been treated unkindly by front-facing staff.

      Please note that my post is in no way looking down on people working in these industries. I worked in a 7-11 during my uni days for a fraction of the minimum wage (illegal but the practice is rampant). Now that sir, is truly the most f-ed up job in the industry.

    • well said alexD as staff member in retail providing discount on computer. is some i will do if i can but not all the time. i like used to say computer said no. computer would say no.

  • +7

    F&%^ man retail staff do not get paid enough for the abuse they take.

    I used to work retail and this pregnant lady went ballistic at me because I slide her receipt to her instead of handing it to her hand from my hand.

    She screamed and yelled at me then screamed and yelled at my manager at me telling my manager "He's being disrespectful" and to fire me.

    Then she left and brought her husband back to yell at me and to make me apologize.

    I apologized and I pity the guy who married her, I'd kill myself if I was married to that.

    Therefore I do not have any empathy for the OP and hope he gets run over by a bus quick smart.(Not really but feel like it)

    Also, I didn't get fired so people like you don't get what you want, I quit 3 months later though.

    • +2

      Pregnant lady = explosive cocktail of hormones. What did you expect? :P

      Also, giving the person the receipt (or change) in their hand is considered quite rude (although I'm sure you didn't intend it as a slight). This is true for a customer as well, they should hand you the money, not keep it on the counter (unless there is some extenuating circumstances).

      • +2

        Edit: Typo

        Also, NOT giving the person the receipt (or change) in their hand is considered quite rude

        • +1

          Change should be given back how it's received IMO

  • +1

    Haven't had many problems like this, but I'll share

    Used a $4.95 pizza hut coupon (ordered online etc) and the guy wanted to charge me full price because I didn't bring the coupon in store (would've walked out anyway).

    Showed my student edge card at maccas (get free medium drink when you spend more than $3), and the chick was like "oh you need to buy a large meal to claim that drink". OBV lacking in education there, why on earth would you need another medium drink when you're already paying for a large one..?

  • i found some u just cannot do it like price matching. people get yell went u cannot do one. i have had pizza stuff before i will never go to pizza hurt any more. after want to charge me full price on wed then sign out side said 5.95.

    • +4

      Pretty sure this isn't English. Perhaps scholars will one day decode this cryptic message.

      • +2

        Let me try.

        "I found some. You just can not do it like price matching. People yell when you can not do one.
        I have had pizza stuff before, I will never go and hurt pizzas any more. After, they wanted to charge me full price on Wednesday, then they signed out (of OzBargain?) and said '$5.95!' "

        I cant see how this is related to shoes O.o

        • +2

          I will never go and hurt pizzas any more.

          Yes, let's pledge to renounce cruelty to pizzas. :)

          Psst, I think he meant hut. But it sure hurts to read nikey's writing.

        • I think he meant that the sign outside said $5.95

          Come on guys, we can do this! A little more effort and we'll be able to get a rough idea as to what transpired that completely scrambled his writing abilities.

        • +3

          I hope you didnt think I was being cereal in my translation!!

        • That's alright, the original was a dog's breakfast. :)

    • +1

      I had similar situation where the sign shows pizza for 5.95 but the pizza hut staff wanted to charge full. I asked about the sign and was told that it was only applicable for online or phone orders :(. There was another guy at the same time and he was extremely angry about that response.

  • +1

    guess I will add my latest experience yesterday at MacDonalds with my son he got a burger and chips and he asked for a coke with his student edge card and were given a small coke, he is nearly 13 and looked at me cause the deal is for a medium, so I said to the girl that should be a free medium coke as we have used that in other MacDonalds and the manager came over and was VERY rude and insisted that the coke was a small and not a medium, when I said that was not the case he told me to leave and follow it up with head office if I had a complaint. Wow, I was so embarrassed, crazy I am finding MacDonalds more and more rude these days.

    • +2

      You should make a complaint to head office and tell them how rude he was and that he told you to complain to them. Based on the time and the branch they can work out who he is.

    • What would Mikey Tyson do in this situation?

      You should have kissed him…on the jaw.
      Or better still - accidently confused his left ear lobe as a stray chick nugget dangling from the side of his face.

    • +2

      That is disgusting. Complain to head office and get him kicked out. Post mix softdrink costs only a few cents there is no reason why they should not have given a medium.

  • might just do that, shame my kids like MacDonalds so much otherwise I would never go back,

    • +1

      Yes, the studentedge site clearly states "medium". It's another example of people on a power trip. I call it 'bloody mindedness'.
      Same attitude sometimes with ticket inspectors and exam supervisors.

    • Yes, go back, and video it this time

  • +1

    I'll probably get a lot of negs for this but here goes…Australian consumer/retail tradition is by far, one of the most uninformed in the western world. Unlike europe, most people would never have heard of Marx's Labor Theory of Value, or even understand just how a business model works. We are actually charged extortionate prices compared to the rest of the world and roll over quite easily to pay these prices every day. Examples include movie tickets, mobile phone plans and electricity/gas. These can be blamed largely on our consumer decisions. Choosing Hoyts or Event Cinemas constantly has led to a duopoly in the movie-going industry which leads to extortionate pricing- this is common if there is a 'sheep' effect of everyone pretty much doing the same thing. There are lots of other reasons too however it is fundamentally the culture's way of spending money that drives up prices- not the manufacturers who decide to take advantage of this- and not the retailers who will take your money and kick you out the door when your back's turned.

    • I don't disagree exactly, but this seems to be separate from the issue in this topic. I would attribute a lot of what you are talking about to how well off we our in a modern Australian society. Paying $20 for a film is possible only because most people can do so without any significant effect on their lifestyle (ie: going without food/clothes/water/education).

      • +1

        It is related because consumers are also the ones that work behind the cash register. Empathy breeds understanding.

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