expired Quest for Sierra Bundle $19.61 at GOG.com


Games included in the bundle:


Other games they also throw in (which are free anyway):


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    Some great classics here. Some of them hold up surprisingly well even after 20 years.

    My question is, how is DRM handled with GOG? And are the games updated to work on modern Windows?


      AFAIK, GOG releases games that are DRM free - except for online multiplayers which require CD-keys
      Brilliant site and love the GOG team's attitude of packaging and selling their games!

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        Most of these games were DOS based. You had to configure your CDROM and sound card settings (IRQ, DMA, etc) and maybe play around with conventional extended/expanded memory by editing config.sys. Damn I'm old for even knowing this.

        How do these releases handle it? Have they been 'remade' into Windows games? Some DOS games I could not get working since Win XP, without DOSBOX.

        Only games missing in this series are Leisure Suit Larry, Eco Quest, and Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist. Also Gabriel Knight 1 you could make a case for.


          Yes, dowload the games and it puts a shortcut on your desktop. Run the game and everything is auto configured.

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          GOG handles all that for you - that's what you are paying for. You could probably quite easily find these games for free, then need to spend ages looking up how to make them work, or buy them from GOG and start playing almost immediately. Depends how much your time is worth to you.


          Yes the DOS games run under DOSBOX.
          However for the effort they put into the packaging and providing support plus the whole DRM-free thing, I think the prices are good for legitimate ownership of those games!


          GOG handles all that for you

          Does GOG require their own client/software at all?

          Yes the DOS games run under DOSBOX.

          Is the DOSBOX transparent? i.e. Will you even know it's running in DOSBOX?

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          "Does GOG require their own client/software at all?"

          No. It's DRM free.

          "Is the DOSBOX transparent?"


          "Will you even know it's running in DOSBOX?"

          Aside from seeing the dosbox window for half a second when you start it, no.


          The only client software GOG have is a downloader, but you don't have to use it. It is mostly for the 10+ GB games which don't always download well in a browser (though even then they split it up into 2GB chunks for you).

          Edit: lostn: you missed the Laura Bow games, which were the only SCI games I really got into (SCUMM on the other hand…).


          Sierra games were awesome. The only gripe about them is that you die a lot and easily, without warning. You'd have to save often. Also in some games it was possible to get stuck because you didn't the wrong thing, but have no way of knowing you're stuck. Later games eased off on this, and allowed you to retry when you died.

          The QFG series is my favorite, but I loved everything really.


          Some of these games had in-game DRM.. Like the solving puzzles in game that can only be solved by referring to the manual.

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          You can access the manuals from your GOG account.


          Some require multi layered wheels that turn. You can't replicate that.

          Also, some ask you to enter the third word of the 6th paragraph of some random page. This will be really annoying and is way outdated.

          I just assumed it would be cracked and bypass the protection.

          Even though the manual is included in electronic form, I can see people with problems because the puzzles that require the manual don't specifically tell you to check the manual. You have to figure that out on your own, and games these days are designed so that you don't need to read the manual because in game tutorials do a good job easing you in. So people are trained to play games without reading the manual, and they're going to get stuck.

          Just a tip for those who haven't played these games: Save often. And always over a new save, don't overwrite your older saves.


    C'mon Lostn, bite the bullet and buy some games from GOG…Gabriel Knight 1 would be a great place to start :)


      I want to but $19 is a lot of money to pay for a game sale. I don't want all of them. If you only pick a few titles you want, you have to pay full price for them.

      Plus I already own most of them. I just don't feel good about double dipping just because I can no longer play the games I legally own without their help. Just the principle of it isn't right to me. When I bought them, they weren't a few bucks each other. I was paying $50-80 on floppy disks!

      Also I have no way of knowing if they're including the CDROM version of some of these games, or disk version (no speech). I can't see how a CDROM version would work in this format of distribution.

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    I found Police Quest 1 on floppy disk in a drawer the other day.

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    Bringing back memories or spending $80 per each on of these

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    Unfortunately they don't have the original EGA version of PQ1, or the VGA remake of SQ1. Would've been nice to have those for completion's sake…

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    Adventure games is where it all started for me, PQ, KQ, Leisure Suit Larrry ahhhhhhhh the memories. Never heard of COG but I'm sure going to be checking them out and buying this bundle.

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    Is it possible to activate these games on steam?


    I have been holding out for a long time waiting for this bundle. Unfortunately it came after I already purchased their Bullfrog & Steampunk bundles last week… I promised my wife this will be the last bundle I buy this holiday season.

    I just hope they don't have any sales on the Fallout series.


    Memory lane. Thanks for the post


    Aicaramba! What an insane pack of arguably some of the best games ever made and definitely games that changed gaming industry for ever. Ultima 4 is wide renowned as THE BEST RPG and it was mind blowing for its time in the all the features it had. Including time schedules for all the NPCs etc which even a lot of RPGS today struggle to do or dont even attempt as its so hard and time consuming. Then the plot and the morals…WOW!

    anyway, this is an amazing pack, shame i suppose the old graphics would probably put some / many people off.


      "Ultima 4 is wide renowned as THE BEST RPG" not sure where you're getting that from. It was certainly a great game for its time, but I don't know of many sites that would consider it the best RPG of all time.

      Incidentally, Ultima 4 is free for all GOG accounts. You don't need to buy this pack to get it.


        time and time again whether its online, magazines or tv shows about computer games. Ultima 4 is always talked about as being the best and most influential game for RPGS. Just the sheer amount of things it brought into gaming / RPG and all the firsts it accomplished.


          News to me. Any listing of important games/RPGs I've read has listed Baldur's Gate 2 and Planescape: Torment long before Ultima 4 gets a mention.

          Has also been refered to as "The first above average Ultima game".


          Yeah, I'm with Bruce on this one - there are many other games that come up in 'best of all time' discussions before Ultima IV.


          umm baldurs gate and planescape torment are way way way newer than ultima 4. Btw Bioware have always said they were greatly influenced by the Ultima series.

          Dragon called it "The most impressive and complex adventure to date; a total adventuring environment that takes place across an entire continent" and the closest anyone has yet come to approximating a full-fledged fantasy role-playing experience in a computer game".

          In 1996, Computer Gaming World ranked it as the second best video game of all time, as well as the second most innovative computer game.




          You have to realise the ultima series is very very old, and as always with time people tend to forget or at least the newer generations dont know about or remember.

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          Ultima 4 is always talked about as being the best and most influential game for RPGS.


          baldurs gate and planescape torment are way way way newer than ultima 4. [snip] "The most impressive and complex adventure to date".

          See how these things are very different? Two reviews thought it was great at the time, others were less positive. Either way, the topic was best and most influential [now|ever]. I don't see one article that backs up 'best and most influential', much less 'always'.


          In my experience almost every time i have heard of a tv show or magazine talk about RPGs and influence or best ever, Ultima 4 has always been talked about. I cant be bothered going and looking for them. I know Good game talked about it as well as pc powerplay. Pc games plus as well. Cant remember the other shows / sites. I know a lot of times when i see interviews with game developers talking about some new RPG they are releasing, the game i hear most mentioned is Ultima 4 and sometimes Ultima Underworld.

          When shows talk to developers about their most memorable game or the game that influenced them the most, again i hear Ultima 4 mentioned a lot in this category.

          But i know ultima 4 had features that even RPGs today find it difficult to incorporate plus if you take bioshock and morality gameplay, that came from ultima 4. NPCs and time schedules. anyway, i know i cant convince the newer generations of that as they only remember the new rpgs and dont realise where the ideas came from.


          It's not a matter of convincing the 'newer generations'. I was playing games at the time Ultima IV was released, and appreciate and have fond memories of many games of the era (and have revisited them too), such as Alley Cat, Prince of Persia, Wasteland, NetHack, Larn, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, not to mention all the Sierra games…

          I can link you several review sites for best games of all time, or even best games of the 80s where Ultima IV ranks highly, but certainly isn't considered 'THE BEST RPG'.


    damn, the pack is over.


    Looks like it is available again

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