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2x Huntkey 8-Way Surge-Protected Power Board $44.94 Delivered ($29.95 + $14.99 Shipping)


When the DSE power boards were on special, a few people were recommending Huntkey boards like this one at a higher price for better peace-of-mind. Now that they're discounted, I thought some folks might be interested.

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    Got 2 of these Huntkey 8-Way Surge-Protected Power Board from MSY Balcatta for about $27ea.

    Bought when the last DSE post went up…
    Ran heaps of power through them and they seem fine.
    Computer connection turns off 3 other connections (a bit annoying but saves power).




    Got 3 of these for $46.97 delivered a year and a bit ago from COTD of all the places. Excellent quality, better than the DSE ones…


      How did you compare quality? You own both? 18 months back DS unit was different unit.

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        Robust and well built vs flimsy.

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          I don't doubt that these are good units. I have installed a few different brands.

          But current DS unit could not be described as 'flimsy'.
          A very solid unit. Just jumped on 1 to test your claim. Internals look OK.
          Very happy with the ones I've installed for people.


          Agree. But Huntkey is better, but trust me. I got the recent $19 deal on the DSE too…


      Also got the Huntkey from COTD, stocked up on them can't fault them, I was having issues with other power boards. Had seen a lot of good reviews on them recommending them over higher end gear.
      I'd definetly give them a go if I was in the market for some new boards.


    I've got plenty of the DSE ones - 6 and 8 port, white and black. Pretty happy with them.

    I wouldn't mind trying a couple of these too - but $14.99 postage is a ripoff to Sydney metro from Sydney metro - it's probably good value if you live in rural WA, QLD or TAS…


    Sweet deal. thanks op.

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