Jetstar Japan sale in the next week?

I'm going to Japan in about 2 weeks on the 19th and I've been hanging on and not booking my flights because I saw that there was a Jetstar sale on 10/1 last year for this kind of time period ( and I've been hoping the same thing will happen again this year. However, the prices have gradually been going up so naturally I'm getting a little worried about whether I should book now before they go up more or hang on a bit longer.

What do other Ozbargainers with experience with Jetstar sales think? Do you reckon there's any chance that there'll be another one in the next week?

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    Big risk leaving airfares booking last minute.

  • I'm looking at going in April been waiting for a good sale.

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    Jetstar already had their sale for February and March last June according to a member on here. Just last month, Jetstar had a sale for April. I don't want to bum you out but there might not be a sale in 2 weeks.

    Your taking a massive risk for booking last minute, you could lose your seat for that travel date and the closer you are to the date, the more expensive its going to get.

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      I doubt they are going to have a sale for this time period, I purchased 2 return airfares, 30kg on the way back, exit row seats and all for $700 per passenger back on the 9th of May, for travel dates 6 feb - 15 march. Even then, some of the travel dates were booked out, so I doubt they have much now worth putting on sale.

      It's worth mentioning that it was a BIG sale they had for their birthday - 2 tickets for the price of 1 I think it was.

      I would suggest to OP to buy tickets ASAP for the best price they can find. It's too much of a gamble to leave much longer! Airline tickets should either be snapped up early in a sale, or for a cheap price before now. I've never seen someone wait this late for a sale for airline tickets :|

      • Missed out on that sale for the sole reason that I didn't have anyone to go with me at the time, then found out 2 friends booked that flight then one bailed right after the sale ended…

        I've actually been waiting for a sale since then but nothing's really popped up. Suddenly got asked to take leave a week or two ago so suddenly plan's on again. Thanks for your advice though, brought me back to my senses a bit.

        • Good luck finding a ticket, best buy your tickets soon so you don't miss that flight. Make sure your getting travel insurance too, There's a lot of people on Ozbargain heading over in February.

          Have fun, I'm still counting down my days :P

          I'll be heading over there in March so I might bump into brezzo randomly :P

  • I hope so, I want to go in February!

  • Wait, same situation with me booking my flights to Singapore, was thinking whether I should book now with Scoot or wait for a sale, bought 1 way for $450~ approx 2 people. Went on sale the next week and from memory it was ~$350 then, so I bought the return leg.

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    Thanks for your opinions guys. I guess the Ozbargainer inside of me just didn't want to give up hope, but I guess I'll save/earn the money back by buying other crap I don't need on Ozbargain!

    Got everything except flights booked so I guess I'll have to jump on the expensive Jetstar bandwagon.
    I'll be so cut if that sale does happen though.

  • Why would they have a sale last year but not this year :(

  • I'm heading around Asia around May/June and I've booked everything apart from the trip home from Tokyo to Brisbane as there's some fairly decent prices going around at the moment. I'm looking to use Jetstar for this leg as it's currently the cheapest airline for it. If I were to book right now it'll cost $775 (includes bundle and baggage cost), but I'm thinking about waiting a little bit to see if a sale comes up seeing as they had one around this time last year. $775 isn't too bad but I'm thinking with 5 months left until June it's probably best to wait a bit??? Thoughts?

    Edit: Forgot to ask a critical question. Do Jetstar sales even work for flights INTO Australia from Japan?

    • It would be best to book the flight ticket back to Australia via their call centre. If you book it through their website you'll be paying it via Yen which will end up costing you more. I had that dilemma a couple of weeks back when I bought the ticket to Japan and then bought the return ticket later on.

      • Thanks I'll keep that in mind!

  • If you've got a fixed date planned, better get the tickets as soon as possible. Latest cheap price is around $700-$800 including baggage allowance and whatnot. My group of friends decided not to buy on my recommendation June last year ($600 including baggage allowance + food) and regretted it now, but our travel plan is fluid in that we will go if there's good price but otherwise we're saving our leave or just travel around locally.

    You can never tell with sales, there might be a sale in the next week, but not for the dates you want or the price might not be all that good.

    • Yeah it's always good to get it over and done with. Personally I think $775 isn't too bad but just trying my luck. I'll probably give it until next month and if nothing happens I'll pull the trigger.

  • Wow you really are cutting it close. I'm also flying to Japan on the 18th but ended up booking with Cathay because the jetstar flights weren't much cheaper at the time and I'd rather the full service Cathay provides. Mine ended up being $1400 return each via Hong Kong with a stop off for a few days there on the way home :(

  • They have a sale now! For 20th Feb+

    • Sale is one way, the price for a return would be around $700ish. I guess its good, bought my tickets for $829 last month with luggage.

      • I bought return for $469 in Feb? From Gold Coast - Osaka.

        • my bad,flying from Brisbane to Narita

        • Been waiting on another sale like that. Return ticket from Melbourne was around $500 in that sale early last year ! Amazing price

        • Just to confirm what exact date did the sale start? Was it jan 2013? And are the travel dates feb 20 2013? Do you remember what the whole travel period was? I want to fly to Japan in march 2014, but won't be able to confirm my holidays until jan 2014 so was hoping to see what the trend for sale fares were for that time period. Was it a big sale that was advertised or do I have to keep checking their website? Thanks heaps!!!

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