Panasonic DMC-GH2

Thanks to a few ozbargainers, I'm settled on the idea of getting this body primarily for shooting video.

Where can I get it really cheap with the 14-42mm Lens thrown in?

BHAudioVideo do it for $699 + around $50 in shipping fees.

Also, as far as you are aware, is there a PAL/NTSC version I need to be aware of, or just 1 standard international version?


    • wow, cheers, thats awesome. Any experience with these guys before?

      edit: Whirlpool seem to give them the thumbs up.

  • Most TVs these days play both PAL and NTSC, you could have problems though so it's really up to you.

  • The custom hack lets you change between several standards anyway I believe

  • Not sure of GH2, but with some cameras the PAL version gives you 1080p video at 50fps whereas the NTSC gives you 1080p at 60fps.