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I want to buy a set of kettle bells and start working out with them. They are pretty expensive and I'm new to this kind of thing so I don't know exactly which sizes I'll need. I'm 6'3 and 110kg so I'm no lightweight but I'm not super fit at the moment either. They say to start small with kettle bells cause the workouts are BRUTAL :) At a guess I'd say I'll need 12kg, 16kg and 24kg. Most of the kits have the wrong sizes. I prefer round handles as opposed to straight handles because it's supposed to be less strain on the wrists as you swap hands. A nylon coating is good but I'll take an enamel finish cause it will probably work out cheaper. Postage is a consideration as well because these things are just dead weights. I'm wondering if anyone has seen any at the large chain stores like k-mart or whatever??


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    I think I may have seen them at larger stores like Target and Big W, but I can almost guarantee they wouldn't sell appropriately weighted ones…

    Where abouts do you live?

    • I found the ones at target but they are in lbs not kgs. They're also a bit on the expensive side. I live in Bendigo but make frequent trips to Melbourne.

  • I have bought from these guys before, shipping is pretty quick, haven't bought kettlebells from them though

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    go second hand, definitely. but pick up weights and a bench, you can do so much more with them. head to the gym a few times and work out what kind of weights you need and buy them

  • Kettlebells are pretty expensive for what they are. One option if you are just doing kettlebell swings is to make a "T handle" and you can slide normal plate weights on. Google "4 hour body t handle".

    • I've seen that article. I don't like the T handles. There is another one that shows you how to make curved handles out of PVC. I still think I'll go with metal ones though.

  • I made my own. There's a good guide on instructables.

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