Dymocks are evil

Just a quick note, ordered 2 books from dymocks, they charged me full shipping, but only shipped one book, then never told me that they were never gonna send me the second book because they were sold out. Then they only refunded the extra shipping cost (they charge 9.95 for 2 books delivered and 1 for 6.50) after I emailed them. Pretty dodgy, and didnt do anything to say sorry after I brought up the issue.

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    So it cost you $1.53 extra… That really is evil…

  • i agree its hardly evil— whilst yes it would have been courteous to tell you about it, they didn't have to — and they didnt charge you — so they hardly did anything wrong.

  • Oh, i meant to say, they only refunded the shipping cost AFTER i emailed them, without ever letting me know, and a good number of people would never ask for the refund, because they wouldnt realise.
    and 1.53? where did u get that from? 9.95 - 6.5 = 3.45
    the point is the book i wanted they didnt ship, the book that i could get anywhere, they shipped and charged me, so basically, i paid 21.95 for a book i can get for $8 shipped, pissed me off,

    • I am with you, T Man.

      I faced similar problem in overseas too. It was a birthday present to a child and ordered in advance, but they didnt deliver on the promised date which was embarrassing as after few weeks only i came to know when the child says why no gifts from me !. As usual no apology and answer was no stock, you can get refund or re-order !. It is not the money but their attitude makes them evil.

    • poor form - thanks for the insight

  • My experience with Dymocks online was a fiasco and I will never shop with them again. Communication was terrible. I had a similar issue with them not communicating about shipping a book later because it was out of stock.

    In the end, It took 7 months to receive my complete order of 2 books and when they arrived 1 was damaged with torn and bent pages, the other was "lost in the post". The replacement copy arrived with a large biro mark across the front cover.

    I was given wrong information over and over again, eg

    1. Told by email I had to post them my gift card before they would send my order. Then they didn't believe me when I said I was told to do that and I was asked to send the email where I was given that information to them because it was completely out of date info. I sent them a copy of the email.

    2. Told by email to call their customer service on a specific ph number to give my credit card details over the phone to pay the $10 balance ($50 covered by the giftcard). Every time I called at different times I got an answering machine and left a message asking them to call me for my CC details. They did not. So after several days of this I sent another email and received a response 2 days later telling me they had decided not to offer telephone customer service any more! And asking me to email them my phone number.

    Over the phone, when I eventually got to speak to Customer service, they were very efficient and helpful.

    I was offered to return my damaged books (at my cost) for exchange but I really did not want to do business with them any more - imagine what else could go wrong, so I kept them.

    After I sent them an email offering them customer feedback on their service, detailing the many problems I experienced, I was contacted by telephone by the Manager. He sent a $20 gift card as compensation and promised a refund of my $10. But they even stuffed the refund up somehow and I had to contact him a month later to tell them I never received it. A "technical error" he said and it was in my account a couple of days later.

    Without a doubt, the most frustrating experience I have had with any internet company.

  • Yeah, pretty much not worth buying anything from them
    At least they sent you a gift card. When i expressed how unhappy i was with the service they said "thankyou for your email, this support ticket is now closed"
    Besides that, book depository send stuff at about the same speed, and offer far better prices, so forget buying from dymocks ever again

    • http://www.bookdepository.co.uk is becoming particularly more interesting as the Australian Doallar has risen against the British Pound. It was close to 50 pence late yesterday.

      • yeah, they are awesome anyway, but good to know about the AUD getting better, i need to order some stuff from there soon anyway,

    • +1 for BookDepository.co.uk.

      Bought a book from them on the Christmas day (Real World Haskell, as my new year resolution is to pick up Haskell again :) and it got delivered today — even faster than Amazon US/UK from my previous experiences. Top stuff and the best price as well.

      • The more I learnt about you Scotty, the more I am convinced you are my 1st year lecturer at UNSW. Haskell? That is a purely academic language right?


    nah not evil

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