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Piazza Doro L'OR Expresso (Decent) Nespresso Compatible Pods @ Coles, 10 for $4.75 (Save $1.24)


I just picked up a few (20 boxes) from my local Coles.

These are decent Nespresso compatible pods near half the price of Nespresso pods at 47.5c ea, worth a try if you haven't already :)

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  • anyone know if these are compatible with the ALDI machines?

    • Nope, the ALDI machines are use the MAP pods.

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        The Aldi Expressi machine uses K-fee pods.
        The MAP machines use Caffitaly pods.
        They look more or less the same physically, but are different internally.

        The Nespresso (and Nespresso compatible) pods such as these are completely different.

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    They are nespresso pods, they work with any nespresso compatible machine. I use these in the $29 Kmart machine.

  • I just use reusable pods and coffee powder. Quite easy and saves money.

    • I've tried, but I don't get the same crema.

      • oops i just jumped on the reusable pods bandwagon….

        anyways I have been drinking the Spendiente or something like that , which is rated #7, and I find the coffee pretty good.

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          bought 10 of these re-usable pods…used a couple times…now gave up…they're always stuck.

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      I'll stick with the legit Nespresso pods - have never put a third party pod in mine.

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          Technically not a knock off.
          I believe the definition of knock off is: An unauthorized copy or imitation.

          However the patent on it has expired, therefore not unauthorized now.
          Also they aren't advertising themselves as "Nespresso Roma", they call them different names and use different coffee.

          If you consider them as knock offs, then Starbucks coffee is a knock off of Gloria Jeans Coffee….. hahaha

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        Never? Seems stupid that you're not willing to try something new when you could possibly be saving half the price.

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          If someone can guarantee a coffee of equal quality to the nespresso pods then I'll buy a cheaper line, but I've never heard anyone say they've purchased a non-Nespresso pod and thought it was equal or better.

        • These are good, not as good as Nespresso. But worth worth the $5 to see what else is around (and confirm that it's worth paying more for Nespresso) :)

        • Ha! Thanks.

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          Totally with you there Fookos. I tried as many capsules in as many different machines as I could before deciding and the Nespresso capsules & machines just seemed to have the edge over the rest. I own two Krups Citiz & Milk machines ($200 Amazon OzBargains of course) and love them with Nespresso capsules. I have tried these and other compatibles and I agree they're super convenient and cheaper BUT they still can't beat the real Nespresso capsules. I find these also tend to labour both of my machines and take much longer to extract a shot so I couldn't wait to use them all so I could go back to the Nespresso capsules again. The machines just run better and produce a far better flavour with the genuines so I'm sticking with them now. BTW, I also own an ALDI machine (at work) and although very good it just doesn't have the full body of flavour that the Nespresso capsules do nor does it froth the milk as well either… but it does a good job for the money I've gotta say and it beats drinking instant (ew).

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          I actually prefer the Piazza Doro over the nespresso capsules, I think they taste smoother.

        • +5

          There you go then! All very subjective like most things in life :)

        • Agree with SteveAndBelle. These pods definitely labour my DeLonghi Gran Maestria machine. I'm also sticking with genuines for now …

        • Just so I'm with you here, do you mean to say Nespresso capsules in third party coffee machines (e.g. ones like the $29 Kmart one) are not as good as Nespresso capsules in the Nespresso machines?

          I'm weighing up whether to get a "genuine" Nespresso machine, or a third party model. Thanks :-)

        • I'm not even sure what constitutes a "genuine" Nespresso machine. Anyone know?

        • I think the ones that carry the Nespresso label, like the Krupz / Delonghi machines.

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        I wouldn't worry about ruining your machine, these pods work well.

  • Has anyone seen this offer at their local Coles? Eager to pick up a few to go with the K-Mart machine.

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      Yes, I bought the Splendente and the Sontuoso, both intensity 7. I bought the Superiore intensity 10 last time but I found it too bitter. These capsules work fine in the Nespresso (Delonghi) machines but they don't refill satisfactorily. You can refill the real Nespresso capsules, I have some I've refilled a dozen times…just remove the old diaphragm, fill with coffee of choice and seal with a disk of aluminium foil, wrapping the edges around tightly. Lowers the capsule cost to perhaps 10 cents!!

  • Is there a hot choc in this range?

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      Nope. And I don't believe there is a hot chocolate capsule for any Nespresso-compatible machine—I've never seen one anyway.

      • Yeah been on the lookout but never bern able to find. Anyone refilled a pod with hot choc powder?

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    Cheers for the heads up OP—needed to buy some today as it turns out!

    • The DT's if you didn't get some?

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    These are for sale for $2.95 at my local IGA (Belividre WA).
    So sorry I cant +ve this deal.

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      Proof please?

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        I will go and take a store photo and publish it tonight

        • Thank you! My local IGA had the genuine dolce gusto pods(not compatible with nespresso systems) for $6.40.Coles and dolce gusto online sell them for $8.00. I'll have to go again and see if they have the L'OR pods

  • +3
    • have you tried these? how do they taste?

      • No I haven't, but worth a try at that price I reckon. I got one box of each (80 pods) for $30 delivered.

  • nice one if you run out/can't be bothered going to the nespresso store. they are quite nice and also cheap!

  • I just bought a bunch of these self fillable capsules from coffeecapsulesandpods.com - seem to work pretty well, and u can put whatever coffee u want in them…

    another cheap alternative :D

  • +1

    Awesome! I prefer nespresso, but these are great to have as a backup.

  • One of the review I found from the Internet…


    I might try to grab some over the weekend :)

  • +3

    Good deal, I've got a few packs of these in the pantry - Good for two things:

    1) Backups when out of nes pods
    2) For guests ;) (mother inlaw, neighbours, etc)

    • hehe mothers-in-law can suck in the hydrocarbons from the heated plastic pod casing without complaint nor legal action;
      neighbours not so much hehe

  • Not a fan of the pods. They are convenient, but the wastage and cost….

    I am a huge coffee freak and have tried EVERY way to make coffee at home. Huge machines, Aeropress, Pods, Percolators, Plungers, you name it.

    The best method for me in terms of convenience, cost and taste is a simple 2-cup Italian made Bialetti Stove Top / Moka Pot and a semi decent grinder (bought one off here actually, a Breville mid range thing for $165). Get some good quality beans from one of Melbournes many coffee roasters and away you go.

    The coffee is seriously better than most cafes, is much cheaper, less waste and only takes 1 min to make.

  • I've tried these pods and they taste pretty good.
    No complaints here.

  • How would these compare to the 1882 ones from OfficeWorks? I bought them recently, and I've gotta say I really enjoy their coffee.

    • Having tried both, I reckon these are better. Fuller flavour and more crema.

      • Awesome. I'm just waiting for Contagious to send me some for free.

  • +1

    Yeah i actually prefer the red 1882 from officeworks over the nespresso caps.

    • I've tried both 1882's and Piazza Doro's… prefer the 1882's

    • Might give those a try. Imo the Piazza pods don't come within a bull's roar of the Nespresso pods for flavour or aroma.

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