expired Downpour Free MP3 Audiobooks "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Book of the Month)" & "Beowulf"


The free Tom Sawyer Audiobook is an offer for Downpour's e-mail subscribers, so I do not know if you must subscribe to their spam in order to activate the coupon code. In the month since I subscribed to Downpour, I have received just this one e-mail from them, so they are not as spammy as say, Amazon.


Thank you melmac77 for providing the free Beowulf Audiobook coupon code with an unknown expiry date: LOLBEOWULF


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    Also Free from Downpour is Beowulf coupon LOLBEOWULF
    I have also noticed that they are not very spammy and I hope that they continue like that


    "The following titles in your cart are currently not available in your country: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"

    Any ideas?


      What country did you use? I filled it in for Australia and both worked. Perhaps try again??


        Used Australia. Tried both Firefox and IE. Tried using a direct AUS ADSL link as well as a US proxy. No luck. Bummer.


        I just got the same message too


        I tried "Tom Sawyer" again and it is not working. If it does not work tonight then I will expire the deal.

        Sorry about the disappointment.

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    I found the FREE Librivox recordings of Tom Sawyer to be pretty good. Haven't listened to all of them but here are several links;

    I'm sure there are more…


    The free codes are working again this evening, so I will leave the deal up for now.


    Still shows as $9.99 for me. Is this a joining fee for the e-mail list?

      1. Go to either web page — Must "buy" Tom Sawyer and Beowulf separately
      2. Add to Cart
      3. Apply correct code — check price
      4. Hit Checkout
      5. Login or sign up
      6. Download MP3 or M4B
      7. Repeat for the other book

      No joining fee unless you choose to join their "book club".


      No. It shows as $16.95 for me, but also states "free download with membership"


        Sorry but I cannot reproduce your problem. I applied the code to the cart page and the price for Tom Sawyer was reduced to $0.00 immediately. Returned to try Beowulf and it work too.

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