Long Expiry, Cheap Pre-Paid SIM

I'm looking for a long expiry pre-paid SIM card. Will rarely be used for calls or data - but it's needed as a just in case SIM. Have looked at TPG ($1 per month) but the fact it's not prepaid is a concern.

Telstra have a $30 for 6 months offer, but that includes nothing. So it's a no go.

Optus have a $30 for 186 days, includes $50 credit (but no data)

Vodafone had a $20 for a year plan, includes 50minutes credit. Seems good and can add data.

But has anybody got any other thoughts or suggestions, maybe one of the resellers and with some data included?


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    Maybe the upcoming Aldimobile PAYG at $15 for 365 days?


    • Interesting, if you can just pay $15 for $365. I wonder if they'll let you add data.

      I've got a few weeks before I have to make a decision.

      • You mean a data pack like Amaysim? Who knows?

        pay $15 for $365

        BTW, if you'll pay me $365 for $15, you have a deal. $350 profit. :)

        • lol @ myself.

      • .

  • Kissmobile ends up $4 a month for 500mb data. Pay as you go for others. Very cheap rates.

    Aldi looks like the winner for traditional call + txt services

    • Where do you get the $4 figure for Kissmobile? I assume it's this plan on Optus:


      The other plan is on Vodafone.

      Strangely the 0.25c/MB casual data works out cheaper than the 500MB pack for $7. I wonder what the catch is.

      • I think they made it hard to find some of their plans. This is when you are logged in and getting a line.

        Order a new service

        1. What plan would you like? Monthly Plan Fee
          Keep It Simple - low monthly access, pay as you go calls and TXTs (Vodafone network) $0.95
          Keep it Easy - $9.95 per month, pay as you go calls and unlimited TXTs (Optus network) $9.95
          Keep It Forever - $39.90 per month, unlimited national calls, TXTs, and 4Gb of data (Vodafone network) $39.90
        2. Would you like friesdata with that?
          No thanks
          100 Mb + $2.00
          500 Mb + $4.00
          1 Gb + $9.00
        3. Keep your current number or get a new number
          (to add more than one number to your account,
          complete this order, then choose New Plan again)
          You have reached the limit of two new numbers per account
          Keep my existing number and move it to KISS
        4. What kind of SIM do you need?
          Regular SIM card for most phones (including iPhone 3)
          microSIM for iPhone 4 or iPad
          nanoSIM for iPhone 5

        Basically access to 500mb is $4 and 95c for a month access and 20% bonus credit on recharge.

        • I wouldn't trust a company that showed different rates on their front page from their signup page. And what's the deal with the 0.25c/MB casual data? That's too cheap. Did they mean 2.5c/MB? or 25c/MB? Anyway too sus.

          Also, Vodafone, again not what the front page said.

        • 5c/mb casual data or over the limit data. I don't see any rate differences. Where did you see .25c/mb casual data?

          From where I'm looking all their plans have the same rates except you have the option to go pre-purchase data or unlimited standard call and/or text.

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    There's no expiry at all, but there's hardly any data, so not sure if it's suitable. It's on Optus network.
    I've been with them for a few years and other than the transfer to Optus network, no problem at all.

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      Not bad.

  • not sure what you mean by the telstra includes nothing - it has $30 of credit, and last i looked you could buy them for $10 at woolies and $15 from telstra themselves. $10 for 6m and $30 of credit would seem to me to fit the bill?

  • I can see the cheap SIMs, on their site it seems to suggest no credit for long expiry.

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    I use Savvtel for my mother-in-law. The credit never runs out it just rolls over every 30 days.

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    I am looking forward to getting away from the amaysims, kiss,just, virgin etc as they all use optus/voda which are next to useless reception wise.

    Aldi using telstra 3g for Amaysim price…. Bring_It_On
    Using Telstra at their current thieving rates..No thanks

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      Probaby you're just unlucky with Optus in the areas you use your phone. Works fine for me.

      • More likely I actually get out and about a bit and find all these gaping holes up and down the coast.
        I never had these issues using Telstra, but fek them and their insane pricing .

  • check out savvytel call credits never expire. from $10. savvytel.com.au

  • I needed an emergency phone, so I used www.amaysim.com.au pay as you go.

    Been with em for about two months now. Made/received like 3 calls. So far so good.

    Surprisingly optus have better reception at the locations I need the phone.

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      That's a lot of emergencies. I hope you have life insurance.

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    PennySIM Go Local

    $8 call credit on the $5 starter pack
    11.5c/min standard national voice calls to landlines and mobiles
    11.5c SMS worldwide

    $0/month minimum spend

    To keep it alive without $2 no-use charge, just check weather on your smart phone every 2 months.

    Good if you do not mind Vodafail or class action at the moment.

    • I have used these guys, and can highly recommend. Support is difficult to get through to sometimes, but the actual service quality is good enough that it doesn't matter.

      • these guys are the worst company i have ever dealt with (i had the original pennysim) - total ripoffs who cant get anything right

  • Amaysim PAYG, just make a text or call once every 3 months. On postpaid they bill you monthly if you've spent over $15 or every 3 months if you don't reach that amount.

  • Lycamobile

    Local/National 0c/min (just pay 29c flag fall)
    Mobile 0.06/min + f/f
    SMS 15c
    Data 0.15/MB
    Never expires need to use once every 90 days

    Free Lyca to Lyca

    $10 recharge + 10% bonus if recharge online


  • Hello Mobile - Supa

    Local/National/Mobile 0c/min (just pay 35c flag fall)
    SMS 10c
    Data 0.03/MB
    90 day expiry

    10c Hello to Hello

    $10 recharge with 10% bonus when recharging with credit card


  • PennySim Go Global

    Local/National/Mobile 46c untimed
    International (90 destinations) 46c untimed
    SMS 11.5c

    1GB data included (3c/MB excess)

    $8/month (includes $10 of credit)


  • just do a telstra prepaid sim with $10 worth of calls - longlife recharge - 365 days expiry - plus you get great coverage with telstra.
    fyi - I do not work for telstra.

    • I tried looking for this, but couldn't find it. Is this the same as "long-life plan"? Cos that one seems to be $20 minimum for 60 days. 12 months is $100.

  • If you have TPG adsl at home, you may get a $1 per month SIM with 200MB data, while there is a $20 fee for delivery of the card.

  • I had a similar requirement since i was traveling away from AU, i need to retain my number for few months(at least for 6 months) the virtual service providers are not having (or need extra premium for activating) International roaming…

    so i finally ended up taking Optus Connect 4 Less which gives 3 months validity for $10 so effectively $3.34 per month(less than long exp plan $30 for 6 months $5 per month) for free incoming messages and missed calls (and also you will be getting the $10+$1 credit and free 1mb per day if you are in AU)


  • The Aldi plans are now available & look quite good:

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