Anyone in WA after an Aldi Expressi machine? I have one to give away

Hi, I am have gone back to a Stove top, no matter which machine you have, it's just not the same.

I have an Aldi Expressi machine free to a good home - preferably someone in WA unless you will pay the shipping. I am in Perth so you would need to collect. Can meet in the city if needed.

Also a few boxes of Chai, Hot Chocolate and Decaf.

Will post when it is gone.




    hi, i am interested. will message you..


    Hi if they dont take it I will

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    Nice thing to do Scarface…I hope when you show it to the lucky recipient you introduce it by saying Say hello to my little friend! :D

    I tend to agree…if you don't drink a lot of coffee, or don't mind waiting a little, stovetop moka pot or brika (for Arabic/Greek/Turkish style) is definitely the best tasting coffee IMHO. IIRC, espresso was only developed to get the best quick coffee…not necessarily the best coffee! :)


    Also keen if the opportunity is still there.


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