Looking for 16GB Laptop RAM kit


At this moment I'm looking for 16 GB laptop RAM kit (2x8GB) - 1600
Cheapest found from staticice is: http://www.tecs.com.au/shop/16gb-ddr3-1600mhz-g-skill-dual-c...

Is this shop reliable? Or anyone can find better deal? Is g.skill good manufacturer?




    Can you post your laptop make and model number? I'll see what we can do.


    I bought gskill ram for my desktop specifically because it was half the price of Kingston or corsair, had a "lifetime warranty" and good reviews. I've had it for a year without any probs. Hynix is another good brand.
    (one time I bought some for work called "gingle" brand. I was in a hurry at the time but decided not to use it).


    HHmm. You sure that thing will even use 1600MHz? According to all the docs I have here, it will take it, but clock back to 1333?

    Also, my memory configurators are showing that model requires system specific RAM (Like the HPs). Not the generic SoDIMMS.

    Weird, you must have different configuration in front of you than I can pull up from my manufacturers.


    I'm getting recommended to use the Kingston 8Gb sticks specifically for that model. We SHOULD be able to do two of those delivered to your door for $147.00

    None in stock though, we'd have to order (as is the case with most system specific RAM).

    Feel free to order the GSkill, but make sure they have a return policy if your model doesn't like them.



      I'm not sure about the compatibility. From what I checked on intel's website:


      Memory Types DDR3-1066/1333/1600

      "Feel free to order the GSkill, but make sure they have a return policy if your model doesn't like them." - This is one of the reason I posted and asked about this shop here.


        Fair call. I've never used tecs.com.au, in fact I'd never heard of them until you mentioned them above, so I cannot say good or bad things about them. I'm not particularly keen on having their logo obviously based on the Intel Inside one, as we are an Intel Gold Partner, and there are a few hoops to go through to get accredited logos, so I'm not sure Intel would like that very much :). Someone who has used tecs, please feel free to chime in and let us know your opinion. You CAN of course call them (03) 9602 3499 and ask about returns.

        Looking at the PROCESSOR specifications for RAM is not always the best idea is what I will say. HP use Intel processors also, but quite often generic RAM will not work at all or or will not work properly in their notebooks. I'm assuming Dell is the same otherwise Kingston would not go through the effort of creating system specific RAM surely???

        Is there no PC store near you, where you can hop in with your notebook and get them to make sure they supply you 100% correctly? Yes I'm sure it will cost a little more, but at least if a salesman tells you something will work, then it doesn't you can certainly walk back to the same store and get your money back.

        Mind you - that's not the idea behind OzBargain I guess lol

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