>:-( GraysOnline - ridiculous freight/P&H charges >:-(

It is the firt time that I have purchased from Grays in about 6 years and I am more than ticked off.

When I checked the "freight calculator" for the item that I was bidding on it showed up as $6.80. No other charges were indicated anywhere else on the page (apart from the absurd 15% buyers premium).

I won the item and then received an email saying that freight, P&H, & insurance was $25. !!! What the heck?

I went into my account to review the item that I had won and it took me back to the bidding page where I was able to check the fright calc again to see if I had mis-read it. This time it came up as $10.40.

This item is a ex-demo and so they state that there is no warranty. I am hoping that does not mean that it is actually stuffed already.

Reeeeaaaally cranky with Grays. Made me realise why I had stopped buying from them.

Anyone else had sticker shock from freight charges?



    I am sure you can find heaps of people complaining about grays freight charges on the internet. I used to factor that into my bids, but I have stopped buying from them altogether due to problems from the last 2 purchases unless I come across the $10 coupon people put up on OZB from time to time.

    They seemed to have skimped on the packaging material as well. I used to buy computer equipment from them, and they usually come in boxes with those plastic packets of air and crumpled brown paper to pad the rest of the box. The last 2 purchases I made, they just come padded in crumpled brown paper, which I think is insufficient padding for computer equipment. That is when I stopped buying from them.

    Re: the discrepancies on freight charges, I think you should take a screenshot and complain to their customer service.


    I have bought many times from Grays. some items have shipping & handling costs associated with them. One is a cost per item and the other is the cost for the whole lot. For example ALL items in a sale will have a shipping cost of $X (Fixed amount for entire lot/sale) and each item in the same will have a handling charge of $Y per item. Hence total shipping and handling charges are = Sum of Shipping Charges per sale/lot $X AND Handling Costs per item $Y + $Y +$Y.

    Hence you could have easily misunderstood the calculation. Unfortunately you cannot contest it as hidden or misleading as ALL charges are displayed before you click confirm.


    I've only bought a couple of things from Grays, personally, I haven't found a problem with their p&h, but that's my opinon… but I will usually consider the cost of postage before I bid… Each time i have found the items well packed (often a little "over packed" if you will).

    Have you tried getting in touch with them?