Outdoor Weather Proof Paint

Hey guys, help would be appreciated, im looking for some weatherproof paint, painting a chicken coop/house and also an outdoor wooden door, all materials are treated pine but wanting some colour to them. Anyone know in Sydney (West prefered) where there's good prices?

The only thing I know about paint is whats on the ad's in the Dulux Weathershield commercials on TV.

Much appreciated.




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    Any hardware store sells exterior paint. Dulux is the dearest paints, around $35 for a 1litre tin, and $80 for 4 lt. I know home hardware have 6lt for $49.95 at the moment.


    Unless it's a chicken palace, I wouldn't bother with Dulux. The Home special berger (lol) mentions is for Wattyl.
    When I make chicken coops (I'm up to 3 so far for friends/family) I use whatever left over house paint I can find (interior or exterior). The cheapest option if you need to buy is probably a spray can of gloss enamel - about $6.
    All those will last years out doors.

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    If you don't care about the colour, Bunnings often has paint they've mis-coloured selling very cheap.


      I've found Bunnings mistints to be quite expensive.

      There's a local Bristol Paint store here that sells all their mistints for $5 a litre. I used one to do the trims on our house and am now kicking myself because I absolutely love the colour, but don't have much hope of matching it.

      When it became evident that I wasn't going to have enough to do everything I needed to do with it, I simply went back and got a couple of different colours (also mistints) that were going to go with it, to do the stairs.


    Thanks team for the advice, will check out bunnings mis-coloured options, its only a chicken coop hehe, home hardware looks good as well, and mskeggs your right, can probably use whatever odd paint I have but don't have any unfortunately, only have about 500ml of ceiling paint haha, hardly enough.

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