expired [DESURA] The Debut Bundle - Indie Royal $4.26


Most of you know the drill, the less popular although still solid Indie royal deal is on again, with what seems to be relatively new games (hence the name, debut bundle I assume).

For the current Minimum (BTA?) of $4.21, I think its worth the 6 games even just to try them and donate to charity.

Games include:
- Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller
- CloudPhobia
- Wimp: Who Stole My Pants?
- 6180 the moon
- A Couple sound tracks from the games above

And if you pay $8 or more you get
- Motorway by FearOfDark Album

ATTENTION: BTA = Beat The Average

Indie Royale

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    Interesting little games !


    Price in title please.

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      Misleading title, there are no Steam games in this bundle, Desura only.


        Price changes constantly, but to satisfy you, okay.

        And it says steam and desura on the page so I thought it safe to assume (not that I bought this, it could be an elaborate lie).

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          Typically there are SOME games within the bundle that activate on Steam. This particular bundle has no games that activate on Steam. According to the items listed, they state their activation method is Desura.

          Further down the page it mentions '..or redeem on Steam & Desura.", this is correct for bundles that include Steam games, which as stated above, this does not.

          Re: The Price,

          Yeah it does change, but usually by a matter of cents. In most cases it's safe to round up just a little bit and include a tilde (~), which indicates that it's an approximate value eg "5 games for ~$4.30"

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          Its not to satisfy me, no need to be so prissy. It's the posting rules of the site.

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