Wireless 720P IP Camera w/ Panning

Hey all,

I've long wanted to buy a decent wireless IP camera that supports 720p (w/IR preferably), but have no idea how to determine good from bad in this market. Would rather not buy a POS masquerading as something great, so I've come seeking guidance :)

Looking for the usual help, ie. which brands to aim for, which to avoid and any current bargains (for the above spec camera) that users currently know of.

Thanks in advance to those who put forward some helpful info.




    +1 interested to get a good deal of above, but with synology NAS support


    I bought the Kogan for $59 delivered, but it's only 640x480. Happy with it, but in this thread there is a lot of info and advice, hope it helps ;-)



    Thanks Rocket, admittedly thats the thread that got me interested in buying a decent one!
    Reminded me that having IR would be useful feature for quite a few applications.


    anyone know why we need to buy licence to install ip cameras?
    for example my synology nas only give me 1 licence, if i buy more ip cam i need to buy licence for each separately. QNAP also.


      Because people charge for products and services? Because they can? Because you are using proprietary non-free systems?

      The cameras should all work anyway, what you are paying for is to use the special software features to monitor them.


    Foscam's Easter Special has their 'Foscam FI9821W HD 720p H.264 IP Camera (Black)' for $140 (down from $150)


    Dont think -$10 is a bargain however.

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