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Polygon Collosus CRX Shimano XTR 2x10 - Carbon Fibre Dual Suspension Mountain Bike $2998


Just bought one of these bikes..amazing! The running gear alone is worth more than the price. Worth a look if you're in the market for a top end mountain bike. There are 2 good options on here..the model i've posted and the sram model. Not sure on that rrp saving value but there is no doubt this is a steal.

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  • $2998

  • Great price for components, but not a deal, always this price.
    The $6999 was the Giants RRP.

    • not a deal?… well not according to their site….normal price is apparently 6999…to be honest I don't really care but after extensive research this is a great price. There is nothing else full carbon frame and top of the line running gear anywhere near this price..that qualifies as a deal to me…maybe i missed something.

      • Yes, you have.
        The basics of a deal on OZBargain is that it is not an every day price.
        Great price or not, to qualify as a deal/bargain it can't be their regular price.

        This is their normal price, as stated the RRP they publish is rubbish, that is Giant's, not theirs.
        Having a permanent "Special" price is not only not a deal, it is illegal.

        • ok - seems like semantics…deal to me constitutes better than anyone else in the market including relatively speaking…no?

        • Simple facts

          Point 1

          Giant bike in comments rrp 6999
          Polygon bike in comments rrp 2998

          The deal is great if you like polygon, for the rest of us its not worth it

          Point 2
          No one here pays rrp

  • sneaky comparison chart.

    Polygon is missing key features on a certain part yet they are 'similar'

    Also $700 wheelset vs $400 and still marked as 'similar'

    IMO, seems descent other than the fact you are riding a polygon bike, AKA a BSO (Bicycle Shaped Object, Not a bike)

    • haha - well this is a good BSO…i also have a 2009 S-Works FSR stumpy and this BSO is a ripper in comparison….no denying it if you know what a good MBT is. Frame is made in Taiwan and assembled in Indonesia…mostly like all the other good gear ;)

  • I will stick with my $129 Kmart bike thank you…. thats just ridiculous unless your some kind of pro.

    • In saying that, if money was no object then I guess it would be nice….

    • from the sublime to the ridiculous.

      Though the two have one thing in common: you wouldn't want to take either of them off-road for fear of it breaking.

  • Should have 29er wheels. Got a hardtail 29er that is 1kg more in weight. Pick it any day over a scooter, keeps you fit and gets more street cred ;)

  • Hey asusnotebooks - how do we upgrade the RAM on this? And it doesn't seem to have any USB ports??

  • biddy

  • Lots of scott carbon or specialized carbon for this price, why buy polygon?


    Giant Carbons under 3k