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Our TV has Died and we bought the extended warranty and it looks like we have a choice of either a SONY 46" KDL46EX650 or $880 credit towards a new one. So I was thinking of a LG 55" 55LM6410 it was on sale 2 weeks ago for $1297 but it has gone up to $1397 so I’m not sure what to do. I really liked this TV for the Dual play a feature that I might actually use and when it was a $400 ish upgrade it seemed worth but now not so much. I was thinking about trying to price match if I could find it elsewhere but as it’s via the warranty and we have to spend the money there I don't like my chances. Does any one have any thoughts or ideas?

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  • try to take the $880 in JB gift cards - tell them you want to decide on TV later, but want to wrap up the warranty claim now.
    you can then (later) price match and pay with gift cards + cash.

  • I bought that LG TV in early December last year for $11XX.00 (can't remember exactly) from the GoodGuys. The TV is pretty good however if you watch any type of "Ball" sport I would advise that you don't get the LG and get the Sony instead. I previously had a Sony 50" LCD and there was none of the ball "ghosting" that is painfully obvious on the LG TV.

  • I have seen the dual play but I dont really think it will last long. The issue I think is you have to wear glass for it. As time goes by, I think you would find the glass becoming a burden, and would just use the split screen for playing the games.

  • Take the gift cards or credit. The Sony is a good tv (I have one) but can be bought for as low as $635 (Costco deal awhile back). I price matched Dick Smith in Jan and got it for 700 from the Good Guys.

  • That was a good idea about geting it has a gift card. I went in to get the gift card as the 55LM6410 wasn't in stock then I noticed Good Guys had the 55LM6700 for $1377 which was chraper then the 6410 so I got them to price match it. Granted it was more than I wanted to pay for the 6410 and does everything the same but I thought the included magic remote might have been good but its just like a wii controller so not sure how much I will use it. It seems like a good TV only feature I can't get to work was the one the sale person said you can get an app for IOS and Android that will take what ever is viewed on the TV and allow you to watch on somthing like an iPad. I can't find any app except ones that let you use the iPad as a remote.

  • How do they work out the value of the gift card? Is it the original price or after depreciation or the price of similar current models?

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